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Coach Show: Nagy, Helfrich on Trubisky’s growth

Head coach Matt Nagy and offensive coordinator Mark Helfrich discuss the offense and Mitchell Trubisky on the Chicago Bears Coaches Show with host Jeff Joniak.

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David Bekkerman

Go bears baby

wave breaker Tryhard

Lets go bears

Joseph Rios

Bear down baby


We just this! But we need help big time!!! BEARS 4 LIFE!!!!

Emperor Penguin

What about chuck?

Manny Hernandez

Beat green bay that’s all we need

JP Bear Down Fam!

Great show as always fellas. Go Bears! GSH! Bear Down Fam!

Michael MGTOW

Just Win Out!

Rock Hauler

For the love of god beat the packers!


GO BEARS!!! 🏈 🐻

Michelle Ezeugo

Bear Down baby. 🐻⬇️



Bryochemical Intuition

If you keep Trubisky on the move and run that damn ball, we will win this game.

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