Coach Guenther Discusses Gardner Minshew, Facing Jaguars | Raiders – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Coach Guenther Discusses Gardner Minshew, Facing Jaguars | Raiders

Defensive coordinator Paul Guenther discusses facing the Jaguars, defensive end Dion Jordan, Jaguars' quarterback Gardner Minshew, and more.

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Alex Hernandez

you gone Pauly, FIRED!

    Dennis G.

    I don’t think that good players play bad because of the DC.

    Alex Hernandez

    Dennis G. If you were “thinking” you would’ve never thought that…. this guy is a terrible Defensive Coordinator. He’s always one step behind and he’s terrible at calling blitzes!

    Dennis G.

    @Alex Hernandez I don’t say that he is good, maybe it is his fault. I don’t know. But our players often can’t tackle, cover or look to the ball. In those situations it’s hard to believe that it’s all Guenthers fault.

    Joshua scott

    @Alex Hernandez Lmao he be saying hes ready and he be discussing about how the defense works and he still cant get it done hes soo 🗑 and his scheme is 💩

bryan grivno

Fire Paul Guenther



raider nation full moon records

He’s not canned yet???

Surfer Bob

Minshew is the quarterback I wanted the Raiders to draft, but noooooo way would they risk a sixth rounder.

    CP3's Right Hamstring

    What college did dude come out of??

    Surfer Bob

    CP3’s Right Hamstring WSU.


I want to see the best defense we’ve seen in 10 years

Ishikawa Frank

If the Defense can not stop the Jags and lose the game again….on the last Raider’s home game in Oakland. Being fired is gonna be least of worries Guenther, I don’t think you will make it out of the parking lot. Just sayin.

Sol6rG6mes ForYou

FIRE GUENTHER!! HES TRASH!! EVERYONE KNOWS ALL OF HIS SCHEMES. I can call his coverage 2 plays before he calls them. Hes trash

Micilo 419

Can this guy already 👎🏽

Judah Rise

Defense calls are trash. And all those free agents he asked for are trash. Get rid of this guy

Danny Reyes

Stop hoping for the fans to show up we aleays do the DNeeds to show up nuff said

Jac Bauer24


Ferndawg 2489



Fans will show up in full force but the defense sure wont.

Bad Ass Of The Week

coach how do you plan on stopping the jags offense?

guenther: well … uh … hmm 🤔

Buzz Killington

I like Guenther, seems like a good coach but he needs to get more results out of his guys. He’s missing a ton of talented players but we gotta do better. There needs to be a standard set, defensively, for this franchise.

Doe Tamayo

Let him bait AJ green and ditch Paul on the way to vegas

BUM Productions


Thomas Latimer

It’s Pauli’s last game hopefully


He knows he’s gone. Dude couldn’t scheme even if we were healthy.

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