Coach Guenther Details Broncos’ Offense & Claiming Jeremiah Valoaga | Raiders – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Coach Guenther Details Broncos’ Offense & Claiming Jeremiah Valoaga | Raiders

Defensive coordinator Paul Guenther discusses facing the Broncos' offense, cornerback Trayvon Mullen, claiming defensive end Jeremiah Valoaga, and more.

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manuel guardado


DB Crypto


eileen lewis

Yup go raidersss

    mike carrillo

    Its 49ers all day everyday you hear me baby

Sol6rG6mes ForYou


    Popeyes Chicken Sandwich

    Who is better than him and willing to come to a rebuilding Raiders? Not many

    Joshua scott

    @Popeyes Chicken Sandwich lots of coaches better than him 😂😂

    Popeyes Chicken Sandwich

    @Joshua scott better coaches that wanna come…and what happened to ur kirby pic homie?

    Joshua scott

    @Popeyes Chicken Sandwich I got a new phone I gave my other phone to my brother

Joe Gamble

Guenther is a terrible DC. He’s as bad as Norton Jr. The middle of the field is always open, DBs are always getting burned down field because he doesn’t call good zone plays at all, and our LBs are always left hanging out to dry with slot receivers and RBs across the middle of the field. We need a DC that understands his players and the importance of schemes out there.

Bad Ass Of The Week

worley playing linebacker and safety shows we don’t value drafting linebackers early lol 😂

Nicholas Garcia

I like Guenthers defense with our starting safeties not on Ir Joseph/ Abram. The secondary would be much better with Abram and if a linebacker with range and a good head on his shoulders is draftable I say go get him . Mullen has be nice and Worley has had his moments but I gotta think if we were playing our two first round safeties help and coverage would be there. This team has been through a lot and as the Mo/ Cle continue to be bad asses ( cle doesn’t play passing downs so Mayowa was a brilliant acquisition and use) add MADD MAXX and the coverage will be easier. Free Vontaze !

    Joshua scott

    Guenther suck tho :.

BUM Productions

guenther needs to go 2 years and near last in the league same with his previous teams
get ron rivera dc

b Ollie

Don’t fire Gunther defense had too many injuries and they’re young RN4L 🏈☠️

Dorail Crayton

U can’t trust a defensive coordinator who does not value linebackers😒


Fire this clown immediately!!!!!!!  This guy is not doing us an favors whatsoever!!!  Got to go!!


Its a freaking skeleton crew on the defense and you want to fire the coordinator? haha..

King Savage

Guenther need to go he a horrible defense of coach and we need to draft jalen hurts next year


There’s really no developed talent on defense and y’all screaming fire Guenther lol .


Worley definitely needs to come back were gonna need him against kelce next year and we need to sign one or two more corners resign KJ and finally draft lbs that can move in space

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