Coach Gruden Provides Injury Update, Ready for Chargers | Raiders – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Coach Gruden Provides Injury Update, Ready for Chargers | Raiders

Head Coach Jon Gruden provides an injury update ahead of Week 16, discusses running back Josh Jacobs, facing the Chargers, and more.

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Donald Epperson

Raiders for life

Caleb Landry

Lol why is the sound always better after the live version lol


    You can edit it. Photos directly out of a DSLR generally needed to be dialed in as well as video

    Or maybe it’s a different mic recording vs the live stream, they better have good solutions next year

Donald Epperson

We need to re-sign richiee

I love food but don't like you

Can we get f in the chat for all the injuries this szn

Say When

Hopefully will lose to get a HIGHER draft pick.

    Jack Tate

    @Say When You always want a winning culture, it’s better for moral, moving forward.

    Say When

    @Jack Tate You apparently haven’t been watching the last 36 years.

    Jack Tate

    @Say When Just the last 42 son.

    Neighborhood Sancho

    Say When every year “hopefully we lose to get a higher draft pick “ every year they end up the same like trash

    Xavier Garcia

    @Say When that’s a 🍑 of an idea

Matthew Brenden

beat the chargers twice or broncos twice in either way

    Joshua scott

    We going to lose

    Matthew Brenden

    Joshua scott I doubt it. I Bet the offense would score more than 10 points.

    Joshua scott

    @Matthew Brenden yea but we lost 4 times in the row and we lost are good lb lee amd richie is out were😱

    Matthew Brenden

    Joshua scott usually after loosing 4 in a row we will win a game

:Larry-Alan :Longacre.

as long as we beat denver its all gravy

    Joshua scott

    Broncos will stump us


Were gonna lose this game, too.

    Joshua scott


Joshua scott

Draft kj halmer?

Robert Castillo

Come on Gruden let’s finish the season with a bang, RN4L 💀!!!

    Neighborhood Sancho

    Robert Castillo lmfao ok

    It is what it is


Siegfried von Vegesack

Last home game for Mark Davis and the Saskatchewan Rough Raiders.

channel surfer

Maybe they should adjust the way they hit during the week because this slate of injuries is something I’ve never seen before..they said they don’t go live during the week…should they? ..


Bad luck with injuries and more bad news. No Josh Jacobs and Incognito doesn’t bode well for Derek Carr and the offense.

Robert Smith

well, Raider fans…Brothers and Sisters…we can expect Gruden to put forth another Vanil;la..dink and dunk showing against the chargers…Oh..we’ll look good the first quarter..nothing in the second…after halftime it’ll be ZERO points for us and the chargers will get the lead..we might get one garbage time score in the forth…and then the after game presser..’it’s my fault”… I take responsibility”…blah, bl;ah, blah… and the same with Carr…after last week when he said he was booed since he started!!! thats a lie!! but he plays very mediocre… 2-5 yard passes..he hears footsteps….this season had so much promise….and mr. Vanilla..Gruden has pissed it all away with his crap play calling!!! I am no newbie..I’ve been a fan since the 60’S…and Raider philosophy has always been STRETCH the defense….we need La Monica…Stabler!!! maybe even a Willie Gault, James Jett and Rocket Ishmael..

Daniel Madden

THE RAIDER REVOLUTION Truth and Justice in Sports no lies no bribes no cheating no violence we cannot play any other way, The NFL has brazenly forced losses with bad play calls. The NFL has made hundreds of millions of dollars forcing Raiders into a loss. The NFL has brazenly refused to correct bad play calls proving they are fixing the game. When reffs make blatant bad calls and stubbornly refuse to correct this is game fixing. This betrays all the hard work teams and coaches do to put on a good performance. Game fixing destroys the value of the game making it worthless to watch. The NFL is burning its house down. Liars have no value the curse of the lie.


Win this game enough excuses everyone in the NFL is banged up next man up!

Ronald Krikorian

Bench CARR!


Honestly, that reporter made a good point that sparked an idea in my head. This season was pretty extreme from start to finish.

Big injuries at training camp, AB, losing Abrams to a shoulder injury, linemen injuries, Williams with plantar fasciitis (which is like a knife through your foot), Vontaze getting suspended for the season, more linemen injuries, losing Karl Joseph, Dwayne Harris, and Arden Key to injury. Plus, we played through a schedule top 3 in difficulty based purely on the teams we had to play against in a stretch. Oh yeah, and we played the most away games yet with a brutal stretch of just pure traveling.

With the team being so young overall, if the players keep their head above water when this season ends this will be one of the TOUGHEST teams in the league for years to come

D Guess

Draft TYLAN WALLACE. We won’t have picks high enough to get Lamb or Juedy

John Carl

Still RN4L but…coach…we need you to light a competitive fire under this team’s rear end! Even though we’re in the process of rebuilding, every player in that locker room must be held accountable and mediocrity will never be accepted. Please limit the talk of passing to the RB. Check downs and short passes are not what the Raiders are about. Do not limit the offense! I want a vertical passing game…that’s what the Raiders will always be!

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