Coach Gruden Postgame Presser – 12.8.19 | Raiders – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Coach Gruden Postgame Presser – 12.8.19 | Raiders

Head Coach Jon Gruden addresses the media following the Week 14 matchup against the Tennessee Titans at the Coliseum.

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Vepzy Reply

When I die, I want the defense to come to my funeral so they can let me down one last time.

    Rene Basavand Reply


    Alberto Sanchez Reply

    Vepzy Lmao

    Tyger King of kings Reply



    That’s fawked up🤣

    mike Reply


- Timithesis - Reply

Why can’t you give the people asking a question a microphone, so the questions can be heard CLEARLY?

    David Johnson Reply

    TY that got old a long time ago. I hope they read this!

    Adiel Cerriteño Reply

    Cz audio isn’t on the list of “important” things apparently. They usually have something loud going on right next to the press area during the week too. Who ever is in charge of that needs to go too

    Michele Mailman Reply

    Agreed!!! Drives me NUTS!!!

    Peter Vermaak Reply

    – Timithesis – agreed it is nearly 2020 not rocket science to get sound out in the press room


    This is old cause it obviously don’t matter.

darkside soldier!! Reply

Too good to he true..another disappointing season

S Ash Reply

We’re fooked. .. again

silver black Reply

Are we ever going to have a good defense again …..we havent had a top 10 D since the 90s …….the friggin 90s .

    silver black Reply

    @juan cortez I think they were ranked 20th

    Joe Grant Reply

    That’s not true man. Lol we had a top defense in 2006.

    PLEB SkyrimNoopy Reply

    @Joe Grant While you’re correct, I’d really like to see our defense be top 10 right now.

    Matthew Clark Reply

    2006 we had the #3 defense in the league. One of the best pass Defenses in History

    Joe Grant Reply

    @Matthew Clark well we were number one for a few games lol. We beat the steelers. We had Nmamdi. Offense was horrible. We gonna be better next year. This season is a wrap. Cant wait to see new stadium. Start looking at draft and free agents. Hopefully we can land AJ GREEN.

Jacques Ingram Reply

T.Whitehead what does he do???

    Alberto Robles Reply

    Jacques Ingram he’s just a cheerleader

    Zaykia King Reply

    Get him outta here

Jacques Ingram Reply

Tannihill or D Carr who would you take ??? He beats us in Miami too smh

    Rene Basavand Reply

    Carr has 0 big wins on his almost 6 year career

    Miguel yee Reply

    Rene Basavand bruh we have no good defense since carr came with us. We have never had those explosive players like other teams do. Look at 2016. That was a hell of a year with pieces in place. Gota get a defense before we play a big game. Big offenses run over any trashy defenses

    cecil kozuh Reply

    @Miguel yee thank you

    Rene Basavand Reply

    @Miguel yee see aaron rodgers

Adrian Rodriguez Reply

That defense just straight sucks a big ONE !!! Enough said

    Calvin Mak Reply

    It’s a patchwork defense at this point with little depth. They need solid depth this offseason.

Victor Castillo Reply

So we had a chance to make the playoffs and we’re just gonna go out like that??

    David Johnson Reply

    Its called lack of talent. The best team we beat all season was the bears. Some thought the raiders would go 0-16 after AB burned us. Very few had us getting even 6 wins. Last year we burned it all down. Only Carr, Hudson, and Jackson left that started in 2016! this is the first year of the rebuild in reality.

    Mike Que Reply

    @David Johnson I think the raiders are ahead of where they should be in a rebuild. They shouldn’t be this good in the first year of a rebuild imo which goes to show what Mayock is capable of as far as finding talent in the draft. Say they focus on the defense in the draft and add better receivers then I can see them really winning games next season. It sucks they won’t make the playoffs but I’m happy with the team so far. There’s a lot to fix but they have a solid foundation for next year. I think people expected way to much out of them this year

    kingofkings201319 Reply

    @Mike Que I can’t wait to see how they spend all that cap

Stangman12 Reply

Ron rivera is available as defensive coordinator,make it happen.

    A Song For Dee Vee Reply

    He is going to be a head coach somewhere, no way he takes D coordinator

    Zaykia King Reply

    Hes an idiot hell take a head coaching job to be trash just like rex

James Rivera Reply

Get it together Gruden. Can’t even get a first down

    Mohit Kalro Reply

    There was no Josh Jacobs. We have overachieved this year. A record of .500 and above should be our goal. Let’s continue drafting well Next year and spend wisely in free agency.

    Mc001Rem002 Reply

    Mohit Kalro J train

    cecil kozuh Reply

    @Mohit Kalro everybody seems to forget that we’re still in rebuild mode.

    Mohit Kalro Reply

    @cecil kozuh i absolutely agree. Navigating the Antonio brown fiasco, the Burfict suspension. I feel we done quite well. We don’t have much depth at the moment. Another solid draft, and some prudent spending in Free agency, could do us a world of good in our vegas opening season

Louie H Reply

This has to be one of the toughest season coach gurden has ever had !

    Mc001Rem002 Reply

    No lube

No where Man! Reply

DC wanted a nick name well looks like he’s got one now. CHECK DOWN CARR!

    THIRTEEN 31 Reply

    No where Man! Can’t be checkdown when that’s his first option. The running back

    Mc001Rem002 Reply

    Dc “Check Down” Carr

Jose Mendoza Reply

Is it time to call on Rivera??? He is a master or at least was as a defensive coordinator

Pitts Koa Reply

Really admire Grudens first run with the Raiders he brought out the best with beyond their prime. To me it seems like he’s more into spotlight even tho the Raiders don’t have a bunch of talent on that Roster but they do possess 60 mins of play. No pressure today, completely showed no confidence in Carr, and continued with the ground game. You have a team that has the most sacks against them n nothing from the Raiders. Calling runs over and over especially down 3 possessions I don’t know what Gruden is seeing. Maybe he is to old school n not caught up with today’s game. But please at least win the last home game in Oakland fans deserve it

Thomas MAIER Reply

Do Oakland a favor, phone in the last 3 and move already.

Darnell Hickson Reply

my Raiders still have players to cut, pick up and draft…. it’s good to see a Head Coach who addresses all his fallen soldiers

Malcontent Reply

The physical trainer for the Raiders needs to be fired!

Mike Que Reply

Sucks that we lost Foster. He’s one of my favorite picks from the draft. Always playing aggressively and constantly making plays. He’s going to be a huge part of the offense in the next few seasons as long as he stays healthy.

The Cobra Reply

I was at that game carr stopped caring in the second half

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