Coach Flores meets with the media – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Go Gators

This man is losing the locker room. I can’t wait for 2019 season to be over its only 2 weeks so far

    Michael Pulisic

    @Mick Vick all I said is this one will, I didn’t say anything about the past. And thats just my opinion. But for sure I don’t see how any fan can be happy with this news

    Saint Michael

    He lost the locker room the second he traded Tunsil and Stills.

    Michael Pulisic

    @Saint Michael were you in the locker room? Just curious

    Saint Michael

    Michael Pulisic- No, I saw the results on the field.

    Michael Pulisic

    @Saint Michael you may be right, but results on field are because they are completely overmatched, and threw together an oline last minute with multiple guys playing out of position…

cloud life

The media is never no good. They could have asked more relevant questions.

    Marky Mark

    Wrong, media needs to ask her m the tough questions..paying fans wanna know.. without fans who make it all happen the NFL falls apart and players got no jobs

Matthew Poole

Mans a double agent sent by the patriots to destroy the fins from the inside.

    H Lee jr

    Damn it just said the same thing to patriots fan at work

    Enoch Eyim-Danquah

    Since when did the patriots need help winning superbowls

    Ryan Minnis

    Enoch Eyim-Danquah every single yr officials ref them into the playoffs

    stanley smith

    Collusion ….???

    stanley smith

    Enoch Eyim-Danquah – Patriots already won the AFC East. The season is already over.

Jon Jonson

This isnt how you rebuild a team, WTF?????

    Ryan Minnis

    hes right these morons using the 10 yr rebuild plan for dummies and it still wont bring a SB to town

    Mark Jefferson

    @Ryan Minnis Htf do you know? Do you have a crystal ball? What I know is the way that every other staff before them do this and that failed. What I also know nobody has done what they have so atleast I have the decency and common sense to see if it will work. If you or whoever don’t like it, theres 31 other teams to choose from.

    william harmon

    Been mediocre for 20 years. Drafting 12-15 every year because of patch work.
    It’s time to knock it all down and rebuild the foundation.
    It’s time guy’s, it’s year 1. This is gase residue it’s just time to clean it all up

    william harmon

    Coach you can’t have DB’S running man to man with aboustley no pass rush and no safety help.
    Adapt to the situation.
    Bill will attack rowe and minkah along with stunts on that weak online. Trust me

    Corey Brown

    @A Mack 😂😂… Lmao!!

Chris Foster

Trade him for a first


Its my fault for being naive enough to buy a minkah jersey i guess

    Zombie Gang Ent

    That’s why i customed mine and put my name lol


This man looks more defeated than the Dolphins when they played the Ravens.

Ryan Neal

Lots of hate for Flores right now….which I don’t really get since it hasn’t the man the job for a year yet. Lets all calm down see where it goes nobody said a rebuild would be easy nor did anyone say we’d like decisions made the team as we have to trust the process and see where it takes us. Because I can promise the doubters in this fan base this year might suck but next when all these pieces fall into place yall gonna look real silly giving up on a man who hasn’t been a head coach for not even a year yet.

    idk about that

    Do you not see where its going?! Minka wants to leave. The locker room is falling apart. This is bullshit. I know we dont have a choice but damn he couldve rebuilt this team without trading our stars.

    Michael Pulisic

    @idk about that you are right , but some people have blinders on.

Kevin Juice

Watch Him Get Traded For 1 Round Pick In A Couple Of Days 🤬😡

Henry Harrison

time to clean house

Donald Johnson

Minkah in his locker room interview seem happy and content with leaving. This is a business he’s betting on himself and a better situation.

stanley smith

He needs to man up and pull some magic out someway somehow!

stanley smith

If anyone is to blame it’s Stephen Ross.

Dustin Klumpe

Listen to his voice and the pulse of the fanbase. And then let me remind you this is week 1

adrian fontalvo

Hire new HC put FLORES as DC

Saint Michael

This isn’t how you rebuild a team. This is how you DESTROY an organization. The Miami Dolphins were an average team before Flores and Grier. They’ll be the worst sports organization in the WORLD for the next 20 years after them.

Last year, Miami had talent in key positions like LT, CB, DE, WR, RB, etc… What we needed was a QB. Now, we’re tanking for the 1st pick in the draft (Tua/Herbert) and they’ll walk into a situation where they’ll have no talent around them. This team/organization is FUC*ED!!!

Marky Mark

Coach Flores might survive 2 years in Miami before fans are screaming for him and GM griers jobs loudly..Tua is no franchise saving quaterback..if your gonna gamble I’d be building team up and going all in for Trevor Lawrence who is more Tom Brady like..

Marky Mark

If we tanking better not be for tua or I’m done as a life long fan since 1973..tua is no franchise Superbowl caliber talent who can have team deep in playoffs for 10 to 15 years..I’ve watched tua and most his passes are all short passes and his wide receiver’s are who are making the big plays..Trevor Lawrence is make my NFL pro style passes clearly

Marky Mark

Who gets fired first? Gm Grier or coach Flores??

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