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Phins Army

The Dolphins should sign Eric Berry as a veteran player that can bring a sense of leadership to the locker room. We’ve got a bunch of young guys in pieces after a devastating loss with 0 hope of winning this season!

    David Lenshyn

    100% agreed BM is not a FS love his heart but cant cover the field with natural instinct.

    Tre Anthony

    Eric Berry still not signed?????

    Phins Army

    Tre Anthony Not yet, Raiders might be interested in him though with Jonathan Abram injured

smut peddler

Can you make adjustments or nah

QuietHorizon 241

Need to make the Audio so we can hear both question and answer please!

    Loser Lose


Chad Marchione

Phins up be Patient keep doing a good job coach

Chad Marchione

Checkout Td phins talk

Out of many One

The Phins will need another miracle game this Sunday.

    America Reigns

    It will be a miracle if they hold New England under 60 points.

Ryan Minnis

If I remember Grant has fumbled before on returns 🤦‍♂️

Richard Wolfe

Believe..ya right..I’m sick of these fakes…you already england wins again..sorry miami doesn’t sell

Richard Wolfe

Sell out yes…


Flores’s checklist for players…block, catch, 100% on assignment. My checklist for head coach…..inspire players, right call scheme, new strategy for opponent every week, great personnel evaluation.

Douchebag brigade

I feel like this game is going to be an insane upset, call me crazy but for some reason that is the dolphins style. They will somehow win this game blow a game to 3 easy opponents then beat the steelers etc.

    Douchebag brigade

    # hamdale hahaha I guess that literally does make crazy bet the money line and bet the spread so I could get my money back lol might lose both paid for a spread of 23 points

Christian Spaschak

im going to give Flores some more time before making any serious judgements, but as far as trying to be the patriots i think we are trying too hard to be them and are going to fall into a trap. we have a completely different climate, fan base, and history. that shizz matters. expect us to continue following their salary cap model in terms of never paying top dollar for a LT but willing to pay a top corner etc…

    Family Over Everything

    Christian Spaschak I’m a hundred percent behind that second statement you made I agree completely!

    Paul Washington

    Now its minkah STUPID mf!

# hamdale

I’m a Phins fan but I’ve never seen a worse played game than what I saw last week. It’s conceivable they may end the season with no wins unless drastic improvements occur.

    Sean Lightfoot

    Didn’t they beat us 40-0 last years with most of our “good” players with us? It’s going to hurt but this rebuild has to be done

Karen Setzer

“Rome wasn’t built in a day”
Coach Flores will eventually find players to put the plan in progress and execute. Whether it’s this year or when, he will eventually win! I will be celebrating like it’s 1973 lol 😂

America Reigns

New England 76
Miami 6

Chris Brown

0-16 incoming boys. Prepare for a long season like 2007.

Chris Foster

So now we trading minkah huh

    adrian fontalvo

    Yeah because flores ruined the team we had if not he would wanna stay with the team that drafted him

    Casey Daniel

    @adrian fontalvo how did he ruin it getting 4 1st round picks in 2 rounds 3 seconds are you kidding if he wants to go and cry then go, y’all so focused winning now that team we had went 7-9 sooo yeah

    adrian fontalvo

    Im just not too confident in rookies coming in and taking over. Rather have what we had and build on that. For example the jarvis trade. Everything dolphins do is stupid. Jarvis was still with dolphins OBJ would of been a phin as we speak.

    Casey Daniel

    @adrian fontalvo no he would not have with this coaching staff he would have been out the door still

    adrian fontalvo

    Wishfully thinking

We Got Next

Coach minkah Fitzpatrick wants out 🤦🐬

Mike Pelligrino

What I’d like to know is who’s buying tickets to this embarrassment ?

Justin Caballero

Coach FLO needs to just build his roster!not listen to outside distractions
We need to develop players period

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