Coach Fangio: ‘We are proud of this team’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Cobra Commander

Great win!!! Let’s beat the Raiders now!

see chang

Let’s beat the raiders to end the season go broncos💪💪🏈

Manny Rosales

Fangio is really starting to make this his team. I can see him in denver for a very long time.

Rick M

He wears a hat now cuz we make fun of his wild eyebrow.

    Cisco james

    @Rick M all of them, plus I just looked them up and its clear he has a hat on every post game. He doesn’t wear won during the week

    pj on mobile

    @Rick M I think I meant it for someone else I’m sorry


    do you wear that beanie bc people make fun of your shiny egg head?

    Rick M

    @Cisco james Well, we will DEFINITELY have to agree to disagree. Lol.

    Uso Penitentiary

    One can’t just make fun of The People’s Eyebrow

roger twitty

wish list……i wish this off season we will sign harris,simmons,wolf…..go after (i love baby boy lyndsy) but i think karrem hunt would change how defenses attack us….i want dont laugh but i wand andy daulton as a back up to drew lock… up our offesive line through the draft and 1 starter from free agents….here is a LONG LONG shot wish……aj green……on the other side of sutton….kick the tires on bringing back aqib talib and danny trevathon if availible…..just my early wish list…whats yours ? merry christmas guys…..JESUS IS the reason for the season amen.

    Uso Penitentiary

    Wayne Reynolds I’d like to see us target Breshad Perriman or Robby Anderson in the offseason to give Lock a deep threat. Should target 2 CBs at the very least and at this point re-sign Shelby Harris, Simmons, and Wolfe if he takes a discount or Calais Campbell if the Jags get rid of him. We need to get bigger on the DL and get some maulers on the OL. Get rid of Leary and Flacco as well. I think this is the year that Denver gets aggressive in FA. Once we know what we get from there then we can see how the draft plays out. In the end, we probably pick anywhere between 10 and 14.

    Joseph Clark

    Harris is playing awful! Cut him. Simmons will get a good contract. Not sure about Wolfe. Lyndsey should get a good contract. Get rid of bolles, he’s straight garbage!!

    Crazy 28

    Wayne Reynolds why would we realease Wolfe if he led the team in sacks I’d say keep we need to definitely release Chris Harris if you didn’t notice he’s been getting cooked this season

    roger twitty

    @Crazy 28 our pass rush for the most part has been poor….makes it hard to cover everyones best wr for long…..if we let him go who fillls his shoes ??????

    Uso Penitentiary

    Joseph Clark Lindsay isn’t a FA until 2021 and by then he’ll be restricted. Doubt he goes anywhere

John Smith

Way to go Lock!

Marcus M.

A 7-9 record (provided they beat Oakland) would be a step in the right direction. Now with a potential starting QB you can now focus on other needs (offensive line) in this years NFL draft.

Clickbait Jr

Next season will be a huge improvement for us but get us a stronger O line maybe a more experienced wide receiver and a new corner

    Tyler Huston

    In my opinion: need o-line a mlb a corner (if we lose Harris) and I think we are fine with wr right now we have a lot of talented young guys who barely seen the field just need to get them the ball in the beginning of the year


Coach is tough. Don’t mess with his team. Trying to start some BS he call you out. Probable DP stud he shut down.


    I loved where he went after that reporter

pj on mobile

This off-season get rid off bolles these backups showed they can play good football give them this off-season to learn that position and boom done maybe Ronald leary IDK and get rid of Booker he’s useless he can’t catch cant run maybe add a receiver defense need a maybe a corner

    Uso Penitentiary

    pj on mobile believe me I know. At the same time, we could just decline his 5th year option and keep him one more year at least for depth

    pj on mobile

    @Uso Penitentiary true but I say cut him for some cap

    Uso Penitentiary

    pj on mobile we’re not getting that much cap from cutting him so we may as well hold onto him for one more year. We’re already going to have over 85 mil from cutting Flacco and Leary

    pj on mobile

    @Uso Penitentiary I see you did your research and that’s if we cut flacco and leary

    Uso Penitentiary

    pj on mobile no ifs about it. They’re definitely getting cut. No need to pay Flacco to be a backup and no need to keep paying Leary when he’s going to cost us nothing to cut him


It’s revenge season next year!

Aaron Humphrey

Rodgers better start over Wilkinson next week.

King Maiava

We ain’t cared about our record right now…all we need is to finish our season strong and we headed to get ready and come back stronger next season will all the healthy body and ready to be better with an amazing QB we had and a new Offensive lineman we needed

John Waide

This team is set to do amazing things come next season

Chad Jensen

Memo to John Elway: DRAFT JONATHAN TAYLOR!!!

    Uso Penitentiary

    Chad Jensen we’re not drafting a RB early when we’ve got needs at CB, DL, OL, WR, and possibly LB depth

Ace Hardy



I love his ruthlessness to that reporter. “Were you one the of the people criticizing his play calling?” 😂😂 didn’t know how to answer on the hot seat


I’m proud of this team, too, but I’m equally proud of our coaching staff. Back ups to back ups don’t just come into a game and do really well unless they’ve been taught proper technique and well schooled in the week’s offensive scheme. You could say that about the defense too.

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