Coach Fangio on finishing on a strong note: ‘It’s all about winning’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
enTer ZoNe


Thomas Bliss

Let go Broncos!!!

Shrey Patel

Let’s go BRONCOS

Shrey Patel

We’ll do well next season

david wilkinson

Go Broncos

David From Colorado

Let’s finish this season strong

Shawn Edmond

Let’s Go broncos Defence Needs 2 Step up no. the line Run the ball more plz

    Oxi Clean Bleach

    we don’t know how to run the ball without Andy Janovich

    Shawn Edmond

    @Oxi Clean Bleach that was a laugh lol Facts

Gorden Boccia

Please get rid of Ju wan and his expensive contract ….
He did NOTHING for the team this year and always injured
Draft ..Draft … Draft …. Draft ….

    King RaZe

    That’s a dumb outlook

    Oxi Clean Bleach

    You realize Juwan doesn’t get paid as much if he doesn’t play right…

    Oxi Clean Bleach

    Cutting a high talented player just because of injuries is probably one of the dumbest things a GM can do

Dominic Hitchcock

If we finish above raiders that’d be sweet

John Waide

To barrow a line from the recently departed Al Davis: “Just win baby!”


Tbh y’all I think booker is better than freeman. No hate or anything it’s just booker is a playmaker, very rarely have I seen Royce get more than 10+ yards this year

Aaron Weaver

Its all about draft picks right now

Michael Crabtree

Just gotta finish the season strong…gotta correct mistakes And learn from misreads and overthrow s and interceptions.

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