Coach Fangio: ‘I’m very encouraged by what Drew [Lock] has done these four games’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Keith Gimm

Broncos rule


    Keith Gimm yes sir agreed


    Keith Gimm raiders drool!

Zachary Couch

I can’t wait for next season, Drew Lock is gonna be special

Clickbait Jr

Imagine a full season of Lock and our whole team or atleast mostly healthy well be a force


    I see us playing for a 6th seed at least next season

    Binx Negale

    Gna be firing all 8 cylinders #broncoscountry

Brent Baldwin

Encouraged? I’m downright giddy. Mark my words, Lock and Sutton will end up owning all the Broncos records, and be one of the great connections to have ever graced the field.

Binx Negale

Defintely looking forward to next season an the draft. #broncoscountry 🐴🐓🔒

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