Coach Fangio gives the final injury report and STC Tom McMahon previews #DENvsKC – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Coach Fangio gives the final injury report and STC Tom McMahon previews #DENvsKC

Head Coach Vic Fangio gives game statuses for Sunday's game against the Chiefs, talks about what he remembers about linebacker Vaughan Johnson, who passed away Thursday. Fangio coached Johnson in New Orleans.

Special Teams Coordinator Tom McMahon talks about how punt returner Diontae Spencer has improved this season and discusses what he saw during the Texans' onside kick in the fourth quarter last Sunday.

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Roberto Cruz

I like that jacket



Mike Causey

Ugh…..the Chief’s pass rushers are licking their chops right now looking at this decimated Offensive Line.

    Steven Soco

    Mike Causey not as bad as you think. Wilkinson has been grading out above James anyway. Right guard is our biggest problem.


    @Steven Soco, I thought Risner was RG? I don’t see him being a problem, really.

    Mike Causey

    @TheEnigmaticOpaque Leary is the Right Guard. Risner is the Left Guard.


    @Mike Causey, ah, I stand corrected. My apologies.

    Steven Soco

    TheEnigmaticOpaque yes, Riser plays on the “other right”, between Bolles and McGovern. Also known as left guard. His pass blocking is below average, his run blocking is average … as I mentioned in another comment, his fan popularity is high, but that is NOT a performance metric. Sorry!


Ja’Waun James–what the hell is going on? Man up and get out there.

    Nicholas Sugar

    It’s time to move on from him what a waste of money on that guy!

    Uso Penitentiary

    Nicholas Sugar better to move on from that waste of space when the dead cap is more manageable

    Skoo Shoes

    I agree. Play or go to another team…

    Steven Soco

    Nicholas Sugar 100% … dump him, and quit hiring freeloaders who are milking the injury system


    Uso Penitentiary what’s the use? He’s taking up a roster space. He’s a pretty pathetic person. We’re losing money anyway.

Binx Negale

Lets Goo Broncos!! #broncoscountry #buzzlockyear

Joseph Clark

How come we didn’t hear bolles would be out?? Cuz he’s killing us!

    Steven Soco

    Joseph Clark PFF has Bolles just above Risner as our best graded offensive lineman. None of them are great, but Bolles is actually the best right now … quit beating a dead horse …the “Bolles killing us” meme is so last year …


    @Steven Soco More like so 2 months ago, but I agree

    Agent Bruh

    Steven Soco did you just say Risner is not good?🤦‍♂️

    Steven Soco

    Agent Bruh compared to NFL average, Risner is just below. Bolles is #1 on our weak OL, and Risner is #2 according to grading from PFF.

    Note to you: fan popularity is not a performance category

    Michael Blackson

    Steven Soco Who cares about PFF, I can see with my own two eyes that Risner is a better player than Bolles. It’s not rocket science.

The Original Dizzy-D Michael Lavimodiere

Let’s Get This “W” #MileHighSouljaStyle💪

Genetic Freak

Boles against Frank Clark – look for at least 2 holding calls

    Jason Hurt

    That would be a low estimate

Agent Bruh

Ja’Wuan James better come back next year healthy all season and be one of the best starting tackles in the league because so far he’s proving he wasn’t worth the money he was paid


    He’s gone this guy doesn’t want to play.

Desert Creature

Ja’Wuan James is protecting his 53 million dollar knee.

Tarelle Lambert

Terrell Suggs


Bolles has to go and so does Ju’Waun. Bolles has been a bust since we drafted him and James has played one game since we signed him.

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