Coach Bill O’Brien recaps the Houston Texans 2019 Season || At the Podium – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Tim Ryan

After this, Captain Brainfart explains why having draft choices next year is important.


Bill “Booty Chin” O’Brien and Romeo “I coached during the leather helmet days” Crennel has to go asap…too much talent being wasted under them

Tim Ryan

It’s like asking the kidnapped victim locked in the trunk to explain the car wreck.


Fire him please no one wants him he’s content withmediocrity

    Tim Ryan

    Content with mediocrity? Content with wasting the potential of a great quarterback.

    He is counting on Watson to improvise something every week. Watson never throws away the ball and often takes the hit instead… or runs the ball himself.

    Watson is too good to shorten his career like this. He’ll take a beating until he can’t anymore. 😕

Tim Ryan

Someone help him and send him a magic 8 ball.

Tim Ryan

Would you say your clock management struggles have lessened to a degree that the world doesn’t notice some of your mental weaknesses?

Tim Ryan

When you called that first time out and decided to punt on fourth and one, did you ever for a second think to question the spot of the ball at the same time?

    Chiefs Kingdom

    It seems like they quit on him after that. Watson and Hopkins kept going but the team quit and that falls on the HC and coaches

    Madwrestler 145

    @Chiefs Kingdom watson kept overthrowing. In the 4th Watson sucked

    Tim Ryan

    @Chiefs Kingdom
    Bill is a bafoon. Everyone knows it.

    We led the league in pre-snap penalties and the defense didn’t have them. The offense is unprepared and that is also coaching.

    This offense that the coach was supposed to bring the team has been more like a display of Watson’s backyard improvisational talent.

Tim Ryan

Watson’s version of a hurry up offense seemed to take 30 seconds between plays because of the delay in getting the next play. Who was calling the plays?

    Chiefs Kingdom

    The Arrowhead crowd noise.

Vox Nihili

Shoulda paid Clowney.

Tim Ryan

Hey coach, can we get a better general manager?

Tim Ryan

Not counting tomorrow, how long have you been head coach?

Xavier Hill

I see dislikes on this video already 😂 I know we want him fired but I doubt they’re going to let him go

    Tim Ryan

    The McNair’s got Trump-love disease. They like tyrants.

    Now there isn’t a general manager. Sucky days ahead (with no draft picks) I fear.

Tim Ryan

How well do you think will we transition to head coach Wade Phillips?

Danny Mtz

Wtf why is this man not fired yet

Patrick Gutierrez


AllThings HipHop

No more with this organization until this butt chin “almost made it” coach is GONE. Its NOT enough, PERIOD. This is SAD

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