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Clark on Seahawks vs. 49ers game: ‘That was crazy’

Packers DL Kenny Clark talks about the ending of the Seahawks vs. 49ers game and what he’s doing to mentally prepare for next week’s playoff game.

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aaron berhane

Seahawks got robbed

    Fonzorelli 808

    @Christian Lucas Old…come up with new stuff.

    Christian Lucas

    @Fonzorelli 808 Actually it’s more relevant than ever after that delay of game lol



    ghostface griller

    That PI was soooooooo obvious.

    Miguel Jimenez

    Never mind that the play was basically Hollister run into the LB and push off and Russ will throw the ball as soon as contact is initiated, it may be an easy Pushoff TD that will NEVER be called against us and at the very worst the refs will bail us out with DPI

    Also never mind that the Seahawks have spent an entire decade robbing teams with even more egregious calls than that

Packer Power

We will beat the Saints in the divisional.


NO vs GB, will be one for the ages.

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