CJ Gardner-Johnson On to the Next Game | New Orleans Saints Football – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

CJ Gardner-Johnson On to the Next Game | New Orleans Saints Football

New Orleans Saints defensive back CJ Gardner-Johnson postgame locker room interview after the New Orleans Saints win vs Tennessee Titans in week 16 of the 2019 NFL season.
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Chance Black

4 views 9 likes something weird about YouTube

Chance Black

4 views 9 likes something weird about YouTube

javier hernandez

Love this guy brings so much energy

Kras 4

All I know is this rookie .. MR ROOKIE is a damn DAWG. High IQ, reacts and hits like Brian Dawkins. Listen at him talk. Ooozing with confidence and swagger. Dawg. Well done sir. I’d like to see him at Free Safety next year.

    Julian Wilson

    Kras 4 Agree with everything except I think the man too cold at SS or Nickel

    Travis Saints482

    One thing for sure he want miss tackles like Marcus Williams

    Mr. McCann

    @Travis Saints482 Well He Better Start Going For The Legs On Bigger Receivers Because He Missed That Tackle on George Kittle Which Put The 49ers In Field Goal Range.

    Travis Saints482

    Mr. McCann He made a open field tackle on fournette . He got beat on the route with Kittle and dove for his legs from what I remember.

SAT Scott

Brian Dawkins 2.0

sincere bryant

I like this kids game

Wyatt Miller

What a pro

Lil Huncho

The Hound ⚜🐕💯 Has Made his Appearance 💯💯

Scott Stlaey

He has good energy. I lile his aggression

SaintsGoated 32

He gon be the next big thing

Eric Brocko2020

Love the attitude. WHODAT⚜️⚜️

ScarpNOLA tv

#WhoDat ⚜️⚜️

Aundra McGlockton

That was a hit on a defenseless receiver homie. I wish we had Henry going to apply that stiff arm and humble this cat. But hats off to the saints first class organization. Hope we take care of biz in Houston and catch enough fire to meet y’all in Florida

    Aundra McGlockton

    BULLS 714ORANGECOUNTY nah I’m not calling him dirty at all. Look man my roommate is a saints fan I see a lot of y’all games dude is talented . I think the ref missed the call and a fine is coming. My statement about Henry is just hey loved to see this lil homie come up to hit a tank. But I ain’t going there y’all down rankins and Davenport. I feel like it was a blown call that cost the Titans a real shot at the upset


    Aundra McGlockton hmm I see , it shoulda been helmet to helmet call …not a defenseless call


    You don’t know the rules idiot he had possession and made a football move. He hit him in the area available to hit. It is football and there are still clean plays that can knock someone out. There is a reason there was no issue made by it of the announcers.

    Connor Bergeron

    How about that last touchdown y’all scored that should’ve been called back bc y’alls lineman #78 jumped? Then y’all wouldn’t even have been in a position to come back..

Dalton Smith

Glad we draft him he’s steal Who Dat ⚜️

Timothy Washington

That lil dude is a firecracker, Von Bell and his agent better keep a good price tag in mind because this dude will make him expendable!!

    Florida Boy

    I’m good with bell walking he’s not the biggest ball hawk and arm tackles wayyy too much for me tbh he’s a good player though

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