Chris Grier and Coach Flores Discuss Round 1 of the Draft | Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Rob Budd

Love of football is great. Let’s get football players.

Ricardo Masvidal

I thought we were getting Najee Harris but I’m happy with the guys we got

    SKILLZ 954

    Me too movement

    SKILLZ 954

    @zzuhari are you crazy.Super dynamic and he also played with tua

    Josh Case

    Thank god we took Phillips over Najee

    Anthony 25

    Couldn’t have gone wrong with either Harris or Williams, but they say Williams is amazing at picking up the blitz and that’s something rookie rb’s struggle with the most at the pro level.

    niemine 17

    Im happy we did not draft him

Isaac Kamhine

Fins up were making sb this year i trust🔥🔥

    Manny Dosanjh

    Give 2-3 bro!! We making it without a doubt tho!

    Doug Gregory

    13-4 or 14-3 with a ring…



    The Quinlan Show

    No we fucking aint. If we had Pitts and Najee Harris we would’ve had a chance.


Javonte Williams tomorrow please 🙏

    A.J. Cardella

    if we pass on him i’ma be HOT

    Josh Case

    @H Groan that’s exactly what I was going to say!

    niemine 17

    Teven Jenkins dude is a beast

    Anthonys Man Cave

    @Brandon Savitski WHAT! No Ricky Williams on your list, smh.

    No One

    @gelene Celine my point is we should focus on our line. Draft Jenkins and a Center in the second


Jaelen Phillips had to retire from football at UCLA for numerous concussions. This is a scary pick. Ojulari I think would have been smart at 36 if we took Najee at 18… But what do I know

    MClayton 25

    @Bart Wilkerson where you listening to the Dudes story..?

    The Quinlan Show

    @Bart Wilkerson he’s also quit football to do music before so is he really that committed

    J P

    @Michael Ham this draft WAS weak for edge rushers. In any other year none of these guys go in the first round.

    J P

    @T – Glass you’re spreading unsubstantiated rumors. Dude tore his ACL in high school and then went on to play 2 full seasons at UGA without missing a game, and Dr. James Andrews evaluated him and sent a letter to all 32 teams stating that there is absolutely nothing wrong with his knee.

    Josh Case

    @Joe Ferreira racist Florida fans always hating on Grier


I swear to God, local Miami beat reporters are soooo bad. No one knows how to ask a proper question. These people “covering” the Dolphins are completely useless.

    J P

    @William Browne can’t know if you don’t ask! Here are some questions they should have asked:

    “Were you surprised that Pitts was taken by Atlanta, or that the Bengals took Chase instead of an OL to protect Burrow?”

    “Waddle is a very similar pkayer to Fuller who was just signed on a one year deal, how do you plan to use him along with all of the other speedy guys?”

    “Do you feel like we have too many of the same type of WRs now? Fuller, Waddle, Grant, Wilson, Hurns, Bowden, Perry…they are all speedy WRs, but we only have 2 big body guys in Parker and Williams, do they feel like we are balanced at the WR position?”

    “Does drafting a WR #6 overall mean we can expect some departures from our current WRs?”

    “Was Waddle always your #1 WR on the board?”

    “After losing Karras to free agency and then trading away arguably our most consistent OL in Ereck Flowers just days before the draft, do you feel like the OL is in good shape, or do you think one of those first round picks could have been used on an OT or OG?”

    “Assuming Jackson is at LT, Skura is at C, and Kindley is at RG, we seem to have holes at least at LG and RT. What are your plans for filling those super important positions to protect Tua?”

    There are probably a dozen more I can come up with in like 5 seconds unlike these incompetent “reporters.”


    They are so bad smh

    Ian North

    @Fearless73 well for starters Phillip is 3 inches and 20+ pounds bigger than Harris is

    Ian North

    @Fearless73 wait were talking about Charles Harris or Najee Harris compared too Phillips?


    @Jeffery Randall Exactly. I was so baffled with some of their choices last year. Have any of them made an impact?

Xavier Martinez

Can’t believe Jeremiah Owusu Koramoah didn’t go in the first round we better get him at 36🙏

    Chiko Stick

    Naw . We got Phillips . Get a RB



    jimbo jones

    jenking the ol please!

    One up One down

    @Scott Jenkins

    Ben- LinfortYT

    @One up One down why does everybody want a running back so badly? it is the most replacable position on the field and this class is pretty deep. we should take a running back at 81. use our top tier picks on guys that aren’t as replacable. And phillips is a monster, wouldve been a top 10 pick if not for his injury history. we r in a good spot so a high risk high reward player at 18 makes sense


You all are bossin the NFL. Keep up the GREAT work!

    Brandon Savitski

    I am. I’ve shattered every NFL record in Madden.

Jonathan Moore

These two … My top picks.

Jack Humm91

Great picks for the first round

Glenn Wiech

Omar is salty that they didn’t take Najee. Now he’s going to ride Phillips in his columns.

m black

Grier looks different there. Could be the stress and lack of sleep. Flo looking sharp. He should wear that jacket on the sideline with a tom landry hat

Casey James


Jessie Mcbride

Maybe move up in the second if one of the players we really like is still there Im hoping Jenkins or the center we can hopefully get


I’m pretty sure Flo and Saban have a relationship since they come from the same coaching tree so perhaps he told him Waddle > Smith.

Jaquerius Birdy

All I wanted was Najee Harris 😭

    Andre Williams


Kubilay Tunc

Penei was great but we already have a young o line for the future.

Zach Hamill

I love having multiple first round picks. It’s gonna be weird when they only have one first round pick next year, I was just starting to get used to this lol

    Josh Case

    At least we have the 49ers pick. Pick 32 would be a long wait 😉

    Luke Sparkman

    Well the niners took a project so we might be drafting high next year

    Caitlynn Wood

    @Josh Case we don’t have the 49ers 1st round next year that’s 2023 we gave that 49ers pick to the eagles


    @Caitlynn Wood We gave the Eagles our pick, not the Niners. Always bet on ourselves

Martin Ukpai

Both picks will make an immediate impact this season as rookies!!!

For sure!


Jaylen Waddle is a Miami Dolphin. Jaylen Waddle is someone you’re going to be proud of. Jaylon Waddle and his family will give us everything they have, I promise you that. I think Jaylen Waddle is someone you’re going to enjoy watching play for a long, long time as a Miami Dolphin.

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