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Chiefs WILD Forced Fumble Leads to Kelce TD!

A forced fumble on the kickoff return leads to another quick Chiefs touchdown to Travis Kelce! The Houston Texans take on the Kansas City Chiefs during the Divisional Round of the 2019 NFL postseason.

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Tejas Maire

wtf is happening in this game?!!! Omfg

Daniel Vasquez

The losing coach of this game should be fired

    marauder Medivac

    deshaun watson biggest choker in nfl history loool

    PeritexSZN •

    marauder Medivac not really bill o brien is just not a good coach

    Dale Griffim

    marauder Medivac I agree,good players are good in the regular season, great players are always great in the playoffs

Nicholas Esposito

only the texans would blow a 24-0 lead in the 2nd quarter alone wtf
the chiefs are not a team to sleep on at all

    Bruce P

    @Uber Eats-your gas where you at dont hide!

    DaDDy Elegant

    To Pi but the thing is they would never have that lead in the first place

    Uber Eats-your gas

    Bruce P I was busy with my life🤦‍♀️ btw were you crying in the first quarter and having flashbacks of 2013 😂😆🤣😂😆🤣


Why did he stop and taunt for a second when he was still 10 yards away from scoring? 😂

    Mr. PIP

    @John Thicc I’m a Millennial as well 😉

    angel garcia

    You don’t understand anything about what’s going on do you? Smh he was waiting for the block. The point of view the camera is showing it’s a totally different point of view of what he’s looking at.

    Affordable Sticks

    He didn’t taunt he slowed down and pointed to allow the blocker to get ahead of him


    @Shawn Christianson He could have scored and I think he did know he could have. Problem was he should have just run instead of wait for the block. I think he just got caught up in the moment and didn’t realize there was a guy coming from behind.

Luciano Souza Ienny

That’s what we call: comeback in a flash

    harold mccoy

    @Bosanac Pravi who told you that ? What valid facts can you show that anyone ,fan,NFL pundits ,that made that analogy ??? No one made that statement !!!!!!

    Bosanac Pravi

    @harold mccoy just stfu man for real. I don’t argue with idiots.

    Mamet Ali

    That’s what we call first half remontada.

    harold mccoy

    @Bosanac Pravi first and foremost I made a assesment based upon refutting your false tenent which you could not confirm ,I never belittled you in any distinct manner, nor passive agressively attacked your intelligence ,,now that your liberal effeminated male spirit has been exsposed for being a typical liberal male who can’t control his fragile emotions when his idealogy is questioned by presenting validated facts ,again effeminated male person present testimony to your arcane claim ,,I’ve not come across any person who has detailed they percieved this Texans chiefs matchup as a route on the side of the Texans !! It’s hard to engage in objective conversation when you lack the prime ingredients as a rational, objective, humble alpha male to do so !! Have a pleasant night Homey !!!


Bills: we choked a 16 point lead.
Texans: hold my beer.

    Scottie Lambert

    Arent you clever with your hold my beer thing. For the love of all that is holy; stop! It wasn’t cool or witty the first time. It’s as over as no you didnt or dont go there. There are better ways to Express yourself, try to be original and hope that a bunch of hacks dont hook into it. By the way, the type of guy who is the worst so you may live to be a joiner another day. You are god awful.


    When u choke 24-0 then
    Let Chiefs 41 straight points

    Go Gators

    Nice job copying my comment

    Your mum's favorite meat stick.

    @Scottie Lambert lol you are cringy af😂


As a neutral. im loving this


    Same bro same 😂


That 4th down gamble was the game-changing play, bad call by the Texans.


    @Bearboy193 John Harbaugh called 2 very ill-advised run plays on 4th down in the first half. The reason why I say that is because one of them was on the Ravens’ own 40 after 2-3 stuffed run attempts. The second one was in a situation where you at least should’ve gotten a field goal. That’s what I mean. But most of the credit goes to Tennessee who toons away the TEs and the run plays from the Ravens.

    Francisco Ruiz

    It was a good call, just poorly executed.

    Mike S

    Houston had a problem

    Bleeding Silence

    Mahomes is the GOAT. Watson had 0 chance to win. Texans couldve been up 40-0 in the 4th qtr…..Mahomes would have still brought it all the way back to win.

Random Guy

How do you blow a 24 point lead in a matter of minutes…. Just Unreal
Edit: Half ended with a 28-24 lead to the Chiefs
Edit 2: Chiefs lead 41-31 at the end of 3rd quarter, at least Texans have a pulse I guess


    @SnooZuN 41-24 now. That’s insane! 41 straight points lol

    Vishnu Bokkapatna


    Edward Gaines

    I’m stunned how the Chief’s fortunes just did a straight 180! I got whiplash!

Michael Boychuk

Patrick Mahomes: Throws a touchdown pass
Also Patrick Mahomes: Wanna see me do it again?


    Shrek Duck and again? Lol

    Otto Berberena Rodríguez

    @Saehu_senpai and again

    Jerry Bulger

    Texans 2nd quarter: “Mahomes just scored a quick TD !!”
    Mahomes 2nd quarter: “Mind if I put this on repeat mode?”

Glen Savage quagmire

Watson playing the quitar solo too taunt the chiefs.

Mahomes: hold my 4 tds … takes the lead .

    Dale Griffim

    Glen Savage quagmire yeah u never want to showboat that early in a game,especially against P.M

    Darrell K

    Maybe he should play the Violin now.

    Bruce Cao

    He is going to have plenty of time to play the air guitar!

RJG 71

Houston we have a problem. Crazy first half.

    Bonnie Keough

    Lol, great comment

Jajon Johnson

Chiefs are the most entertaining team in the NFL.

vince Mccarthy

This is almost like the the buffalo bills- Houston Oilers playoff game 27 years ago. Oilers had 28 point lead and blew it.


    vince Mccarthy 32 point lead


    vince Mccarthy cant trust houston and especially the defense

Black Jesus

This game shows everyone how powerful a Uno reverse card can be


    Black Jesus 😂😂


    I don’t get it

    CIint Beastwood

    I’ve been seeing this comment everywhere, and it gets funnier every time 😂

    Dale Griffim

    Samb0808 what,that Jesus is black,,,he is…..

elijah covey

Chiefs: let’s give the texans a head start.

Texans: we are ahead 24-0 we got this game in the bag.

Cheifs: are you sure about that.

    Hyperbeats 101

    elijah covey I’m glad we came back bro chiefs on top

    elijah covey

    @Hyperbeats 101 I am a seahawk fan but I also love the chiefs

    Jaceistheplace- Gaming

    Same, I like the Seahawks ravens, and chiefs, crazy comeback, we got this game against the packers, go HAWKS!

    elijah covey

    @Jaceistheplace- Gaming go seahawks yeah

    Jaceistheplace- Gaming


richard escobar

Texans blew a 24-0 led. Thats what everyone will remember.

    Darrell K

    I thought the game was over. Blow a 24 point lead in the NFL playoffs. It’s like a college team.

Xander Cunanan

As a Patriots and Brady fan, I hope the Chiefs and Mahomes win the super bowl

    Ebony Robinson

    Xander Cunanan ❤️

    brady chick

    I would love it if they beat the Titans!

    Mike S


    Jerry Bulger

    Nice to see some Cheatriot fans with class — and yeah I can see Mahomes hoisting that Lombardi in Miami, baby !!

Big Fella

I’m done with the Texans. Fire the whole coaching staff please

    Dale Griffim

    Big Fella don’t blame the coach, WATSON is not clutch in the playoffs

    Big Fella

    Dale Griffim did you not see what he did against the Bills? The only reason Bill still has a job is because of Watson. It’s 4th and 1 on the chiefs side but Bill calls a field goal but goes for a 4th and 4 on their own 35 yard line and Romeo (our DC) has been playing prevent defense the whole year and still get scored on

    brady chick

    Fire the entire staff immediately!

Emperor Palpatine

Chiefs fans after this game: *excited*
Chiefs fans when they realize they have to defend Henry next week: :0

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