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Let’s be real. The O is declining. No run game and the O line still below avg. Mahomes is not the old Mahomes. No killer mentality to finish off / finish them. Going into this post season like this one and done. The D getting better and building confidence. This team needs to peak on all three phases. On Reid On Reid.

    Curt Thacker

    To be real you can’t expect them to have 400-500 yards a game that’s don’t you think we are kinda playing vanilla to not show to much


    Reid gets a December win in Foxboro against the lowest conceding D in the NFL by far and in doing so clinches a 4th consecutive AFC West. Why do you hate Andy Reid so much ? It makes no sense dude.


    @27March27 I’m not ok with mediocracy that’s why. Been waiting a long time.

    Curt Thacker

    @27March27 I know right… only thing I can think is has to be a new fan lol

    Derek Mathews

    Dude, what did you expect? Mahomes threw for 283 yards and 1 TD on the #1 defense in the league. That’s still pretty damn good. I knew he wasn’t going to throw 3 or 4. MeCole Hardman is going to get more touches, so is Robinson. They wanted to take away Hill and Kelce. That leaves Hardman, Watkins and Robinson. The fact is the D is getting better. That’s what you should be happy about. We just did our second goal line stand in the last three weeks. And we did it in a place where the Patriots are almost unbeatable! We had three sacks in this game and gave up one big play in the passing game all year long. The offense will get its groove back. We just won the division for the fourth straight year. We are 6-1 on the road this year.

Katerina Kittycat

That was some very aggressive play by the chiefs last night. I’m a patriots fan myself but the chiefs impressed me. This team deserves a Superbowl ring for sure

Vincent Guerrieri

Im from PA, how can I listen to Matt while watching the games? I stream all of the games, but I wanted to listen to the radio broadcasts instead of the booth!

    Curt Thacker

    101 the fox

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