Chiefs Top 10 Defensive Plays from the 2019 Season – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Mitch Holthus is a legend, plain and simple. Protect him at all costs.

    Dominic Wilmes

    TheSportsGuru the best radio announcer ever.

    Alex Kraus



    You guys are crazy. Mitch tries way too hard to wax poetic. Wish he’d go back to the basics.

    Derek Mathews

    TheSportsGuru, love Mitch Holthus.

    Derek Mathews

    dnaward2004, leave him alone. He’s excited just like the fans were.

Po Coatl Mexia


David | los müssen

Defense was the biggest improvement compared to last season, by far


    Praise be to Spags


most of these are breeland or frank the shark cla


The Broncos game in Denver was my favorite game this year when the defense stepped up. Troy Aikman was laughing at the Broncos while calling the game.

    Derek Mathews

    MrBlue3rd, the Defense really was on it that game.

Robby Flay

Can’t get enough of chiefs vids. I just can’t!

Iman A

Really can’t wait for Juan Thornhill’s return!!! #Redemption

    Derek Mathews

    Iman A, I can’t wait either. Juan Thornhill is going to be a beast in this league.

the highlight

I like that there were 3 #6s. Chris Jones is a beast

the highlight

That Fuller interception was EPIC. Took it from behind mid air.

    Derek Mathews

    the highlight, I agree. Big-time interception. I loved the Breeland interception too.


#9 highly underrated as great plays for the team this season.

Fizznuckels SR

Go Chiefs!!!! #Touchdowntown #sackcity

Rick Barton

Honorable mention should go to Dirty Dan laying the wood to Tannehill in the AFC championship game. Boom!

    carbon.the. christ

    exactly,how did his Rivers interception beat that?That shouldn’t have been #1 either. SUperbowl was already decided by then.

    xWFx_Storm_- 816

    Or dirty dan stopping that punt fake or when he popped the ball out on that kickoff return in that Houston game

Rob First

Play #4. I thought the refs was gonna call pass interference at first. That’s my fav… putting the Pat’s away..

KC Chiefs Fan

Shouldn’t this be the top 11 defensive plays since there are two #2’s?


Thank you FINALLY ABOUT OUR DEFENSE 😈😈 people been saying the chiefs defense not good 😂😂

samson gersing

Love our team! CHIEFS defense was season surprise,& MVPS!!!! Spags coach of the year!

xWFx_Storm_- 816

I’m so ready for a Dirty Dan top plays video. He deserves a lot of credit this season

Pervis McGervis

our defense was so clutch this year! love to see that attitude we have now


is that Frank Clark or a young Wade Davis?

El Profesor

Enough already! Put it all behind you,focus on repeating next season!!

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