Chiefs Select Patrick Mahomes in 2017 NFL Draft | Refreshing Moments in Chiefs History – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Brandon Hedges


cool human


Tamara Russell-Czwartacky

What a great day. ❤💛💪🏼

Ahmy B

Did you boys hear what mahomes said about it’s not about when he is drafted its all about where he gets drafted the patience on this dude is legendary at such a young age he will break all the records.

jose velazco

Where can I get one of those cokes ?

    rippetoe 38

    Probably the Chiefs website.

Sean S.

The best pick we ever made


Let’s go CHIEEEFS!! 💪🏽

Salazar Payne

And the rest was history.

Motel Showers

im not first or second

Rejean Flags

Best QB in the league at the moment Lamar isn’t even close

    Kevin Hobbs

    Ok, Lamar is close, but people saying Lamar is better than Patrick are full of it.


    Kevin Hobbs not really Lamar is kind of gimmicky he’s fun but the league is going to figure it out

    Kevin Hobbs

    @Prosperatk “Running faster than a lot of wide outs” and being able to throw around the 10th percentile is pretty threatening, but at the end of the day, being able to throw the best generally wins and Mahomes stays solidly number 1 in that category (you could argue Brees ig?)


Please fire the moron that cranked the “background” music so high I can’t make out the speech.

Go Chiefs!

Richard Riley

Good insight on how the no look pass developed.


“Alex is there, hes gon be a great quarterback he has a great future”

That didnt age well

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