Chiefs Friday Press Conferences | AFC Championship – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
how you doin'

Butker should be on podium more often love this guy

pounder forgot

“I’m just going to tackle him” there we go

Tim Johnson

Congrats on you first Super bowl win Coach. Go Chiefs

    Jake Minder

    We gotta focus on beating titans first

    Tim Johnson

    @Jake Minder absolutley

    Kay Davis

    @Jake Minder that’s what I was thinking. Just have this feeling, if we beat the Titans, Superbowl will be a breeze. There’s something magical about the team this year. Go Chiefs!

The Gully Farm

Dirty Dan. The Honey Badger. Stone Cold. The Shark Frank Clark and the Hawkeye on D!

And of course QB1.

Mica L

So glad to see Kelce 🤗. Go out there, score a few more touchdowns and go to the superbowl where you guys belong.

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