Chiefs Earn 2 Seed & 10 Observations from Sunday’s Improbable Outcomes | In the Trenches 12/30 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Chiefs Earn 2 Seed & 10 Observations from Sunday’s Improbable Outcomes | In the Trenches 12/30

Chiefs Reporter BJ Kissel takes us back through everything that took place on Sunday as the Chiefs took down the Chargers by a score of 31-21, while the Dolphins took care of the Patriots in Foxboro—giving the Chiefs a first-round playoff BYE and the AFC’s No. 2 overall seed. #LACvsKC

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Rob First

Barber called that 1!


“What game are you calling?” “Both of them… I think I’m breaking every FTC rule in the book.” Did he actually break rules?


    “I’m calling both games!”

    Classic 😂

    R Go

    Yup he did

Sharkboy 200

Have a Happy New Year’s BJ Kissel.


Who wants to see more carries from Dtrain???

Sahar Aruk Bissong

Chiefs fans loyal af

Sammy Licata

I have loved Harlen since his days on Fox radio.

Jimmyz Phillips

???My Question of the week. BJ: Please talk about what it was like to be an integral part of the Excellence that your Broadcast Team, From the Top Down. Mitch, You, Shawn, Dani, Kendall,, and even that Nick dude. All your crew. Fantastic job in a SuperHyped Season. Not sure what the broadcast awards are called, but you folks are Oscars in my book.

Cooper Graham

Finally Ward gets credit

Marc Nehring

So glad you mentioned Mitchell Schwartz. Please talk about this next week with Nick as well! I would love to hear him talk about the line facing the best active pass rushing tandem yet protecting Mahomes so well! My favorite show on the Chiefs official podcast network!

RamblinroseDigger Winton

Swartz has never been takin for granted hes the best. And hes going too the superbowl this year with the chiefs. My prediction. So it doesn’t matter that hes not going too the pro bowl.


Suggs looks so good in red! So happy i got to experience it with my friends at Arrowhead. Go Phins!!

Sean S.

I heard earlier that Juan Thornhill tore his ACL….man that is a major bummer…I hope he gets well enough to comeback and be 💯 healthy by next year.

Larry Mac

Fine job again this year BJ !!! Thanks for giving Mitch his just props… Go Chiefs

Brian Wilson

Love Love Love the highlights as part of the show! Please keep it up!Great job on a Stellar Show!


Bold prediction from Shawn Barber! Hopefully he placed a bet and cashed in on this foreknowledge.

The Gully Farm

31 years I’ve been a chiefs fan. Since I was 10! Come on Chiefs!

    Big Bear Merriott

    been a chiefs Fan since 1970 I was only 5 years old lol

John Rigdon

Love the show. Any chance that when you are discussing a player, you could put up a picture of him down in the corner. Some of us remote fans don’t get to see near as much media coverage.


I got goosebumps when Kevin Harlan commentaried on that last dolphins TD

Big Bear Merriott

good job!!! #ChiefsAreOnTheWarPathGOCHIEFS


??..More Dorion O’Daniel His a beast can make big plays …??

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