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Chiefs 2019 Achievements | Six Stats to Know

Chiefs Reporter BJ Kissel gives you a handful of stats to know as the Chiefs head into the BYE week as they prepare for next Sunday's AFC Divisional Round matchup #StatsToKnow

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“14 likes No Views” youtube is drunk again


Uh-oh…..somebody can play defense.

    Sayena A


    Derek Mathews

    uncle_jessie, sure can.

    Yirmayahu Yehudah Ben Yasharal



Few stats in there you could win big money in a bar bet! Corners being 1&2 is one of them….WOW!

Salazar Payne

I’m so happy that Butker got a big “raise” to start the year. His leg is Golden.

    Levi Massey

    Salazar Payne isn’t it crazy that we drafted him and Pat the same year? The two most valuable players in their respective units (and probably the most important players for us when it comes to scoring points) were both stolen in the same draft. Love these dudes.

    Brannon Meador

    Levi Massey I thought they picked butler up off Green Bay’s practice team

    Levi Massey

    Brannon Meador haha you are right. I’m an idiot. I totally looked that up the other day too! Yes we picked him up off a practice squad. They were rookies the same year, we just didn’t draft Harrison.

    Salazar Payne

    @Levi Massey – Invaluable to say the least. Kudos to the scouts.

Chiefs Hotline


Baylee Proberts

make more videos about the best NFL team there as ever been KANSAS CITY CHIEFS

joe burnam

It’s our year !!!
Chiefs Kingdom.
Beginning of a DYNASTY

    Charlie Proctor

    Have you ever looked up ANDYS record in play off’s? just saying

    Breakglass Dawkins

    @Charlie Proctor

    joe burnam

    @Charlie Proctor .
    Got news for ya bud.
    Nobody has ever coached & won every playoff game.
    What’s your point?

Yirmayahu Yehudah Ben Yasharal


Imthegoat Vids

Super bowl championship here we come LETS BELIEVE

    Javier Serrano

    Imthegoat Vids lets goo💯🙏

Sean S.

Breaking records, making history. SB BOUND

Adrian Hudson

Ouch True Story 💯 Facts

Pervis McGervis

that hook and ladder by Kelce to McCoy still gets my pee pee hard

    De Lilian Kramo

    Me too bruh. But that ball security by Shady afterwards gets it right back down!!

    Pervis McGervis

    @De Lilian Kramo hahah I agree, but damn that took some balls to pull off in a clutch moment..and just looked sick af.

    De Lilian Kramo

    Pervis McGervis yeaaah a lot of guts! I was watching live i was like damn that’s creative asf!


    Mine never went down.

Roger & Kandy Torrez

🙏🙏🙏 Superbowl

Egg Shell

I’m not a chiefs but a cardinals fan but I root for mahomes and the chiefs. They should of been in the super bowl last season but defeated themselves this season I see them taking it even against Lamar

    Daniel Hernandez 32


Bread Baker

What’s with all the haters in the comments? #ChiefsKingdom

Kingdom Dude From StL

Its time for the Kingdom to take the respect that has been due for a while. We will do our jobs and then get swaggy on err body after we accomplish our goal. Or maybe we will get swaggy AS we do our jobs and…😏 No one earth deserves and Title more than Andy Reid. He has the guys ready to go take it for him and us. After that, we party. Kingdom, let’s roll.

Stanton Taylor

I loved hearing all of this, but alas… Been there done that with the Chiefs many, many times. Actions speak louder than words. Just win baby.

joe momma

The refs still decide who is the best

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