Cheerleader Highlights vs. Green Bay Packers | Minnesota Vikings – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Cheerleader Highlights vs. Green Bay Packers | Minnesota Vikings

View highlights of the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders from the Monday Night Football game vs. the Green Bay Packers at U.S. Bank Stadium.

Photo: AP

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Robert Dunn

Cmon now

Nathan Feistner

When ur teams do bad u post cheerleader highlights


Only highlights of the game

    Travis T

    Beat me to it 😂


Definitely the best part of the game for us

Legoat James

Best highlight for me

Uncle Jesse

Embarrassing. Or if you are trolling, then we’ll played.

just somebody

Only thing that did not suck!

HoN Humor

“We had no highlights so heres some highlights on our cheerleaders”


This sad, being a viking fan hurt.

CJ Smith

can they play o-line?

Deeper Reality

Fire them all. The team is being dismantled. There will be no more football in Minnesota.
It’s over. Enough is enough.

    dave wenzel

    fair-weather fans need not apply!! some of us still enjoy watching football.

    Deeper Reality

    dave wenzel Ok then. You just keep on watching this armpit of a “football team” !

    Joshua Okparaocha

    Deeper Reality Jesus y’all made the playoffs. Never seen such a bitter fanbase for a team with a consistent winning record

George Jefferson

More in sync than the offense

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