Cheerleader Highlights vs. Chicago Bears | Minnesota Vikings – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Cheerleader Highlights vs. Chicago Bears | Minnesota Vikings

View highlights of the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders from Sunday's game vs. the Chicago Bears.

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When your team is that bad so you upload cheerleading highlights instead😅😅😅😅


    @Professor Biggy hold this L

    Professor Biggy

    AGK927 u wish
    Ur asses are gonna get whooped by the niners just like they did this season

    Brian Arnold

    I’m working at Lambeau Jan 12, Aaron I got your back


    @Brian Arnold you work there?

White Storm Hyper

Am I the only one who thinks we can beat the saints?

    Garrett Fraser


    Chris K47

    We definitely could, not the most likely outcome but certainly possible if everyone is on top of their game. We’ve all seen how dominant this team CAN be.

    Everyone was stealing my name annoying

    White Storm Hyper Yes you are

    CJ Smith

    White Storm Hyper yea pretty much


    Two words. Michael Thomas

White Storm Hyper

We’re going to use Lizzo to crush the saints

    Ty Sell

    Sounds like an L to me

    Dylan L

    She can crush your face

CJ Smith

maybe we can put the cheerleaders in at CB once whoever is covering mike thomas gets burnt



Robert Wheeler

If our CB core plays some good ball we’ll win. But against the packers our d played well but our offense

Steven Rodriguez

Het good luck for the saints
Lets get this win out from saints just like Diggs did before

Nathan Kittock

Woah, that’s some choreographing!! Great job ladies!!

Myles Herschberger

K so your a professional teams cheerleading squad. Not saying you don’t have talent or that you can’t dance but I expect more from a profesional cheerleader routine then a “high school” standard routine. It’s very basic. College teams I’ve seen are more strategic. It’s not just this performance either seams every other ones the same. I speak from experience being in marching band, show choir and with my passion for dance.

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