Chauncey Golston: Secret Audio | Dallas Cowboys 2021 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Chauncey Golston: Secret Audio | Dallas Cowboys 2021

"You're gonna be a Dallas Cowboy"
Chauncey Golston got that call!

Secret Audio presented by AT&T

#DallasCowboys #CowboysNation #NFL

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Joshua Hagbom

Kids star struck. Love it

    Khalil M

    He star struck cuz he know he’s the typical 5th rounder 😭💀

    LaToya Qwena

    I love hearing the reactions when these kids lives change. Something they’ve dreamed of all their lives and we get to hear a snippet of it is cool. Congratulations to him and all the 2021 draft class.

Chris Smith

Yay a fifth rounder at 86….way to go dummies!!!

    Buddy Scarver

    @Nino Mitchell when we ball out with them i dont wanna see no comment said you had faith in em😂😂

    the Four's greatness

    @Chris Smith dog get a life and stop shitting on these players they already got a better life than you

    Chris Smith

    @the Four’s greatness Im upset that we had a bad Draft the players have nothing to do with it and how do you know if their lives are better idiot…Im just a fan and want us to make the SuperBowl…unlike you it seems…this is probably why we always suck…Jerry knows fans like you dont care and like their team to be sorry

First Name Last Name

This draft has been BAD LOL

    Adam Watson

    No it’s been defensive and it’s boring but watch this team now

    Raymond Thomas

    @Chris Smith Aaron Donald is 6 ‘1 284 pounds look at what he is doing to offensive lineman so that point is stupid lve always hurt lee is retire they needed a linebacker this defense sucks last year but y’all complain about that now that they are drafting defense y’all still mad damn these players haven’t even made it to the field yet get them a chance first

    Chris Smith

    @Raymond Thomas No Aaron Donald is short but one of the strongest guys to ever play in the NFL…BUT lemmy get this straight… you legit think this guy is the next Aaron Donald? Btw check out what Donald benched for his combine….I mean if you’re a tweener trying to play tackle then Dallas must have, and keeps drafting a bunch of Aron Donald’s….wonder why their run Defense struggles so much with all these Aaron Donald s on the team 🤔🤔🤔

    Raymond Thomas

    @Chris Smith this guy is strong as well three time NCAA state champion isn’t bad dude is fast only time will tell

    Chris Smith

    @Adam Watson yeah watch em struggle to make the playoff AGAIN

Chris Smith

Why are the Cowboys so stupid to draft a guy two rounds early….they could have just traded their pick and got a better player PLUS this guy…instead they burned a pick for No reason

Zero Video’s

Day thirty8 of becoming the most subscribed YT channel with zero video’s so I can live the life. 💪🏼🙎🏼‍♂️🤙🏼.

Arturo Cortez

No bueno 😳


Why’s Quinn nowhere to be found in the war room?

    Raymond Solis Jr.

    Coming up with a game plan

    Joe 214

    @Raymond Solis Jr. Yess sir love to hear that


    I sure hope so

troy pringle

Hate draft experts that sit on couch talking about when a player should be picked like they knew when the player going to be picked and the round. Going off what other people tell them. We need defense and the best way to fix the defense is with bodies. They picked some really good players that may help us out a lot. Run stoppers and speed.

Tayvon Carter

Where is Dan Quinn ?

    Adrian Pesina

    Getting the coffee



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