Chargers Top 10 Defensive Plays of 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
andrew choinski

Lets gooo bolt up


PAY BOSA!!!!!!!!

Sean McCoy

sign brady


    Legend__ 21 yea man I’m not high on any of the draft QBs besides Burrow & Tua. And all the free agent QBs aren’t appealing . Cams name been thrown out there too as a potential QB and if healthy I’m all in. But I’d want us to build around stick and watch his growth. I think his floor is a Josh Allen type and his ceiling is 2017 Wentz like

    Legend__ 21

    @Jake VenGraitis yeah I feel you bro, our number of fans have been pathetic as soon as we left SD. But Brady will only attract “Brady fans”…and as soon as he’s gone in a year or 2 well be right back to where we are now🤷🏿‍♂️…thats why I think we should start fresh on a QB because fans also love young talent…especially at QB. Or we could just get all o linemen in the draft and trust in tyrod or our other young qb stick who has major potential 🤷🏿‍♂️💯

    Legend__ 21

    @dLowGotti facts bro, I’m with you 100%…we should give stick a chance and just take advantage of the o linemen in this year’s draft because it’s full of talented o linemen this year 💯


    Legend__ 21 draft hella oline n maybe pick up hurts mid rounds to sit behind tyrod

    Legend__ 21

    @RobbyG facts bro, hurts is definitely a sleeper in this draft and would be a major steal💯

C Bleezy

Draft Neville Gallimore in the second round.

Angel vs eviL

Get a QB that excels at play action. Why is this important. We need a strong running game. Combined with that great defense gives us a chance against Mahomes.

Legend__ 21

We need to go all in this year during the draft and free agency…we need to get that chip NOW…especially when cheifs just won smh🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ #BoltUp

Bart Tare

Had he been healthy, Derwin James probably would have been in about eight of them.


    I mean, we lost almost every game by one score. We were always ‘in them’, but yes i agree DJ is definitely a fucking machine and a huge chunk of the defense.

Bart Tare

Desmond King’s goal line play was definitely a great one.


    Bart Tare was a safety too

Andy Xiong

BoltGang ASAP JackBoyS


Watch us next year baby we gonna slay with possibly with a new qb

Image Well

That Des King sack tho ⚡️🏈💪


    should’ve been a safety smh



    FatDabs Only

    It would actually be funny if they did because no QB will succeed under the chargers online or with the management😂🤣

Soldier94 eMe

Pay Bosa!

James Medina

Bolt Up!

Luis Morales

Win or lose bolt up ⚡️

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