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Carson Wentz Goes DEEP to Josh Perkins!

Carson Wentz makes an incredible cross-field pass to Josh Perkins for a 24-yard touchdown. The Philadelphia Eagles take on the New York Giants during Week 17 of the 2019 NFL season.

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Please Eagles, get the W and win the division so I can roast Cowboys fans some more. 👍


    @Yamile . Mejia That’s fine, better than the Cowboys doing it. 😂🤣

    A.T X

    MafiaboysWorld no we don’t…we don’t deserve to make it

    Robert Rodriguez

    Why roast a team most fans know that suck . Even Cowboy fans know they suck there just happy they beat the Redskins

James the red engine 5

Wild card here we come

    intensity Mods

    I hope

donny peso goyard BPC

who in the hell is Joshua Perkins



    Marady Mon

    He went to UW, was in my classes


    @Marady Mon Did y’all hook up?

    Norman VanScoy

    @stripmakah215610 Weirdo.


Philadelphia Hemorrhagic Fever and their Ebola tent on the sideline

    Jonathan Bartlett



DeAndre Baker is a bum. Waste of a first round pick by Gettleman. He hit on Dex and Daniel Jones, but Baker is a bust.

Chris Fischer

Ohhh woowwwww deandre baker getting beat once again what else is new 🙄🙄🙄

    Molly Media

    Chris Fischer true 😂

freddy and foxy

Nice touch down by the 3rd stringer

Nameless Chaos Alliance

Most ironic week 17 my 39 years of life has ever seen:

Giants Fans want their team to lose for better draft selection. Especially without a seemingly vested interest in what other team is playoff bound.

Cowboys fans hoping they team lose as the playoffs for the Boys almost guarantees Garrett another season.

And from what I’ve seen of Eagles fans, they on the fence cause of the above two reasons and not seeing much hope in the playoffs should they make it.

Meanwhile, this Bears fan was hoping we’d lose and the defense was like nah. We wanna show up this game.


    Why would you want the bears to lose? Don’t the raiders have their first round pick this year? Draft capitol doesn’t really matter for them.

    Nameless Chaos Alliance


    First round, no, second and beyond — yes.

    Nameless Chaos Alliance

    I mean, we do get 2 2nd rounders. With several needs and no first rounder, earlier the better.

    If we don’t resign Nick and with Trevathan a year older linebacker core needs a solid add.

    We need an edge rusher, a cornerback, and the fix the o-line. Also hoping we swipe a QB with potential. I like Mitch but jesus that inconsistent play is a migraine. Could def use a back up regardless. Either way, for what sacrificed for Mitch he needs to start producing. Think I heard someone say we may grab Costello (Stanford) in the 6th.

    Nameless Chaos Alliance

    But also.. Oakland has our first, we have their second.

GhostMan 3000

I’m wondering if the Eagles are going to have this game and playoffs stolen.

    Jeffruto Uzumaki


Alberto Tosta



That’s some ballsy stuff right there.

Dead Inside

here after the miracle at the meadowlands rehash

Connie Lott


    Weirdo Will

    I will give the eagles credit. They are a good team. BUT THE EAGLES AREN’T GONNA FLY BRO, THEY ARE GONNA DIE!

    Robert Gunner

    @Weirdo Will Ain’t that the truth. These Shegal fans are delusional. The Seachickens are going to destroy them. Not to mention Lynch is back to pound the ground.

    Weirdo Will

    @Robert Gunner you’re not wrong brother. I am not a Seahawks fan but I have a strong feeling that the Eagles are going to get whooped

    Robert Gunner

    @Weirdo Will ohh they will. Eagle fans think they’re all badass. Please I’ll run circles around an Eagle fan. Semper Fi!! It ain’t no fighting city no more! Too many libtards

Sachin Nayak


    Sachin Nayak

    Nate Yaggnub is that so hard to believe? You ever heard of moving

    Nate Yaggnub

    Sachin Nayak it is hard to believe. It seems you like the Eagles and Warriors. Did you change basketball teams but kept the same football team?

    Sachin Nayak

    Nate Yaggnub if you really want to know my life story: I was born in Bay Area, whole family was in philly for years and huge football fans and hence huge eagles fans. However, they didn’t like basketball. I liked football and basketball, and for some “weird” reason I decided to rep the team in the town I grew up in…..

    Kay Wright

    @Nate Yaggnub ikr 🤔🤔

    Nate Yaggnub

    Sachin Nayak sounds fair. Eagles won a Super Bowl 2 seasons ago and the Warriors have won a couple the past few seasons. It seemed likely you were a bandwagon

Gerardo Rodríguezz

R.I.P COWBOYS😂 Goo Eagles🦅🦅🦅


    Gerardo Rodríguezz Just wait gay boi just wait

    Tim Holt

    JacobVengeas01 salty cowboys fan

    Kay Wright

    @JacobVengeas01 Wait for what? Some other team to do what your team couldn’t? 😂😂

Alejandro Fragoso

Bye bye Cowboys!!

    Saad Syed

    Alejandro Fragoso bye bye Jason Garrett. Eagles did the Cowboys a favor

    Ibraheem Al-khalil

    Saad Syed we’ve heard that for years

Mary Ann Marquez


T Dillinger

NFC east champions

Mike Marchlik

That’s MVP play. The dude has a great arn

Marady Mon


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