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Second comment! I believe in Judge! #giantspride


At first I was like WHO? then I heard he’s from Philly (me being from NY know he ain’t taking crap from nobody) then I heard he worked with Saban then Bill Belicheck picked him out & started mentoring him. He’s from a winning culture and knows how to win. I like this hire BUT it needs to work

    Brian Steuerman

    His attitude is great from interviews but I hope he picks good coordinators

    BigBank New York

    you guys ever heard of Mangini & Matt Patricia????

NYGEEZ State of Mind

Joe Judge welcome let’s get it..2020 GMEN FOREVER


Looks like this may have been a good decision. I hope so. I like what I’ve heard thus far after originally being caught off guard with this hire.

jim bo

This is a New York team we should at minimum be consistently competitive.

    Julian Rodriguez

    Totally agree. Giants should be in the playoff hunt every year !!

    Itachi Uchiha

    Jack Lambert ok the knicks are a fail so give it some more years

Ed San

Matt Rhule got killed both his bowl games and people expected the giants to give him a massive contract over the phone cause he had leverage, I respect the hustle but price is to steep


    Ed San exactly that’s like paying for a used car at brand new car prices

    Steffen R.

    tovar26 don’t forget Schurmur is still on the Giant’s payroll for another two years. I’m pleased we didn’t go with Rhule after watching his press conference. Not buying his fake enthusiasm. Don’t think he would’ve survived NY for very long.


    @Steffen R. That’s your opinion on Rhule and that’s fine. My point still remains that if Rhule was their #1 guy, then go get him regardless of the fact that they’re still paying for a guy that had no business being a HC in the first place. Btw, I think Rhule is genuine.


    Think it was as much the years as dollars. 7 years ? If it doesnt work your paying this guy for a long time.

    James Patrick

    Rhule was extremely hyped up by the media. Don’t be fooled. They’ve been watching this new guy for a while now aswell. This was a blessing in disguise. Mark my words. Been a fan before L.T. baby. This is the right Direction and The right Choice. A true Leader and Winner in the Judge, jury and Excellence of Execution baby. Case dismissed.

Dan JV

NE has had the best special teams overall the last few years. BB is always mentoring Joe on the sidelines. He’s about to receive a doctorate in education. The culture and tutelage on his resume seem to make him a very well prepared HC for the New York Football Giants.

Robbie Garnz

I think it will work out fine. At first, I was upset that we didn’t hire Rhule or McCarthy, but the more I look at it, the better this hire looks. There are sufficiently low expectations for next year whereby there won’t be immense pressure to be immediately successful, ie. playoffs. In the minds of most people, if we win 7-8 games, that is a good year, especially against that brutal schedule.

Anthony Andolino

There gos my hopes pf getting bill cowher back in the league

Wilhelm Heinzerling

Id rather have him than Mccarthy or mcdaniels

    Elliot Marcucci

    Who are you?


Carl Banks is pure class. Says what’s on his mind and always gives a great analysis.

    Dwight Love

    Tovar26 Banks is a HOF Candidate for class of ’20 it’s about time for him to receive this as a accolade.


The Anti-Gettleman narrative is purely media driven because they don’t like him. Fake news as usual


    I agree.



    Terence Carston

    Yes indeed. All because he doesn’t talk to them.

    Josef Baumann

    And anti Semitics can express their hate via football. I liked Gettleman from the get go and I am catholic

    Andi amo

    Who do you think the media answers to? How do you think they keep their media passes? Their relationships with the team. Who is the team? Ownership (not the GM…or the HC).

    What I’m trying to say is that this Anti Gettleman narrative may be media driven…but it also helps ownership set up another scapegoat…and I’d bet money that’s who’s driving the narrative; Mara and Tisch. They are alienating the one man who gives them credibility…just like they did with Coughlin…and now 4 years later they go out and hire Coughlin Lite. They are totally lost. Tisch wasn’t even in the room when they hired Judge. Not 1 Giants player has ever spoken about John Mara the way older players used to talk about Wellington…not once…not ever. And the false narrative is “Head Coaches don’t want to interview with the NY Giants because of Getty”…

    it’s self preservation at it’s finest…and I wouldn’t not be shocked to see them try to sell the team if JJ falls flat on his face.

Swedish Viking

Just with a name like Judge he should find success in NY!

    Frank k

    Hopefully he doesnt suck in the playoffs like the skankees judge

gman hirt

When is the official press conference,,
Can’t wait to see the JUDGE put his vision into motion,,,

    Jack Lambert

    Today (January 9) at 2 PM Eastern.


Both my New York teams got a judge for the near future

Bill McMichael

Wish banks was a GMen coach, articulate, great resume, spot on analysis, definitely knows X’s O’s, would be respected by all players.


Please get a top D coordinator. Defense wins Championships.

    julio guzman

    Look at bills , josh allen can’t throw

Nandish patel

This is probably the most Logical analysis I’ve heard. Carl Banks Absolutely knows what the hell he’s talking about.

J Wim

Carl Banks is the man. If he ever decided to get into coaching he’d make a great Giant head coach!

    brother xela

    He’d be a good linebacker coach…idk bout head coach

Timothy Flanagan

Carl banks please become a coach for the defense

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