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T- Hayles

Kyler is gonna be nice for years to come

    Frantz Lenin

    For the first time in my entire life the Cardinals have actually drafted a QB that looks like he will work out, can’t say I have faith that they will build a team around him, but I can always dream lol.

    Yung Aderall

    Frantz Lenin i mean they signed drake who is looking like a franchise rb so going in right direction

    Frantz Lenin

    Yung Aderall

    They haven’t signed him, he is a free agent after this year and I honestly have no idea if they’re gonna be able to keep him.

    Jexael’s The Deaf Apartment

    T- Hayles who is kyler

    Stephen Gilding

    MixedEnergyHD well, Kylar is fast but he’s still got some work to do with passing and decision making. But yes he could be deadly.

Daniel Su'a

People forget, divisional games especially in the NFC West are not a given.


    @Benziz 200 not as bad as the west but it’s still kinda tough I guess

    Daniel Valdez

    Devi Lisa the Vikings beat the saints in the divisional round in like 2017

    Jennifer Parson

    Exactly that was a bad loss for the Seahawks though!

    David G

    Thats all divisions….Division games are always tough.

    Brent 876

    Benziz 200 not this year

Felix Tessel

NFC West so stacked it’s crazy. Every season gonna be close as hell place 1 – 4 always possible

    Mr. POPO

    @49ER EMPIRE lol forsure


    Mr. POPO NFC west offense Russell Wilson as qb, ol
    Joe Staley, Mikey iupati, western richburg if healthy, Mike person, Andrew Whitworth. Running backs Todd gurley, Raheem mostert, David Johnson,Chris Carson.
    Wide receivers Larry Fitzgerald, Emmanuel Sanders, Tyler Lockett, brandin cooks.
    Te George kittle, Jacob Hollister
    Fullbacks Kyle juszczyk.
    Backups deebo Samuel, Robert woods, Christian kirk, Kendrick bourne. Jimmy g,
    Tevin Coleman, Matt bredia, Luke Wilson.

    NFC west defense starters, DL
    Nick bosa, deforest buckner, Aaron Donald, jadeveon clowney
    LineBackers bobby Wagner, Fred Warner, Chandler Jones
    Cb Richard Sherman, Jalen Ramsey
    Fs Eric weedle
    Ss jaquiski Tartt
    Backups on defense Dee Ford, Dante flower, arik armstead, k’waun Williams, Kwon Alexander, kj Wright, Patrick Peterson, clay Mathews, Shaquill griffin, tre flowers.

    Andrew Larson

    Manavk03 did my man seriously just include Fowler Jr over the DPOY leader Chandler Jones, okay

    Jonathan D.

    49ER EMPIRE I would replace Clowney with Chandler Jones at DE and include Cory Littleton as a LB


49ers:We lost to the Falcons. We gotta think things over.
Seahawks:Let us top that by losing to the Cardinals.

    Veezy the bot

    @An average Male I’ve literally never heard a seahawks fan say “you nearly lost to the cardinals” seahawks games are always close

    verticy :

    @RJ Ante just like how Fitzgerald is having his talent wasted

    First Last

    Veezy the bot ive heard plenty of Seahawks fan say that

    Veezy the bot

    @First Last all of our games are close so idk why would they say that

Murdatown Flex 039

As bad as Miami was, let’s not sit here and act like Drake wasnt balling the whole time. Folks been a playmaker

    Pittsburgh Gentlemen PA

    @Andy Bartlett


    All the ex Fins play better somewhere else

    Matt Harrell

    Yet the Dolphins are 4-4 in their last 8 games, no worse than the Cardinals. Maybe if players would’ve stopped being little girls and manned up they would be part of what the Dolphins are rebuilding.

niner gang

Looking at Hawks o-line for Nick bosa Christmas will be on Sunday

    Gerald Stelly

    @Shourik Banerjee Is Tartt some all pro or something?

    Semaj-Prophecto-Travista Barker

    Our whole o line is garbage

    Semaj-Prophecto-Travista Barker

    I’m a Seahawks fan but we spend more money on defense and not line man

    David Romero

    That’s cool and all be he ain’t better than Chandler Jones..

    Scott Bilger

    Bosa hasn’t been able to do squat for weeks. It’s almost like the defense broke something or wore itself out against Baltimore. Unless they find whatever they lost, it’s going to be a very long evening in Seattle.

Drakerot Biafra

Can’t sleep on the Cardinals. If they were in the NFC East they’d be running that division.

    Peter Vincent

    Danny M yes they would

    The FuzzyMonkey

    They almost beat the 49ers both times they played them as well. If they can get a decent defense they’re gonna be trouble

    Pittsburgh Gentlemen PA

    @Danny M

    Pittsburgh Gentlemen PA

    @Marty Soderberg

    Pittsburgh Gentlemen PA

    @Peter Vincent

dave m

The real winner is Vegas

    MLP Shawn

    Is the about betting?

    2016 memes

    @MLP Shawn no genius its about how everyone in vegas are cardinals fans

    dave m

    2016 memes Thanks for the laugh man. Some people can be so clueless


NFC West is so good unlike the east

    Pittsburgh Gentlemen PA

    @Chill Doggo

    Pittsburgh Gentlemen PA

    @Bob Bob

    Joseph Webb

    still the only division w super bowl wins :/ ppl been watching football for 5 years

Dean Talamantes

niners fan here what’s scary about this game is how promising the cardinals future looks the nfc west is not a joke teams can coast through other divisions but in this division every game is earned

    big daddy isaac

    This best division in the NFL


    Murdurerr keep hating lol.

    Grind Inurbed

    49ER EMPIRE hey now, the nfc East is truly the most competitive for how bad all the teams are



Dank Tenders

It sucks that Chandler isnt getting the reconigtion he deserves, leads league in sacks AND forced fumbles, dam, absolute monster.

    Pittsburgh Gentlemen PA

    @Dangeruss Wilson


    loves the juice too.

    Toby Schneider

    Last year he had 17.5 sacks and didnt make the top 100,

    Aidan Williams

    It’s because he play for the Cardinals and no one watch them.

Frank Wagoner

Murray, Drake, Fitzgerald… this young team is coming to life. Next year should be very interesting for the Cardinals. From a Bucs fan… Congrats!

    Adi Singhai

    Frank Wagoner Jameis leads the league in passing yards, is 2nd in touchdowns, but is also 1st in interceptions thrown. So he could easily be the best qb in the league (statistically) and y’all could be a playoff team. Thats tough man.

    San Trez

    Frank Wagoner you lost me when you put “fitzgerald” & “young” in the same sentence

    kekerino bandito

    Frank u need to chill

    Joey Trujillo

    Frank Wagoner fitz is on the verge of retirement dog idk bout young

    MLP Shawn

    Frank can you tip your fedora and say M’LADY


Lets go cardinals. Next year lets get it.

Saul De Jesus

This cardinals team is a lot better than what I thought tbh

    JDM Lifestyle

    Saul De Jesus and all the Seahawks fans were capping on us for almost losing to them twice but didn’t that should’ve been y’all warning bout them cards.

Matthew Doe


Gieb de los Santos

kyler murray looking like Kevin Hart running around like a little kid amongst giants out there lol

    Goat Ninetynine

    Well atleast that little kid can light up a Defense

    Gieb de los Santos

    @Goat Ninetynine if he carries just like Lamar Jackson does then its fine. At 5’10 Its gonna be difficult having field vision with his height and the possibility of his passes getting blocked is high. But he rans fast and elusive i give him that =)

    Heath Hoffman

    Gieb de los Santos Kyler doesn’t have Jackson’s body type. He can’t run through people like Jackson can. He’s elusive and can get big chunks of yards when he needs to scramble. But he needs to try and be a throwing QB first. Run second. Like Wilson. Sure he’s short, but he has a canon of an arm. Everyone said the same thing about Brees. He’s short but he’s proved all the haters wrong. Kyler will do be same with his career.

    Gieb de los Santos

    Heath Hoffman 5ft 10 and 6ft is a lot of difference though . Never considered brees as short. But i agree to what you said 100%

LSJ Martin

I don’t want to say it but i think that’s it for us boys. We might get blown out by 9ers, but i have faith in russ. And with those injures we might get first round exit.

    Osama Bin Thottin

    LSJ Martin cant do anything when all our starters out

    Daniel Husted

    LSJ Martin the 49ners are just lucky

Lovesick Jay

kyler came in & took josh’s job, drake came in & took dj’s job. Who’s next? Find out next time on dragon ball z.

    Murr Plays

    Lovesick Jay lmao


    Baby Yoda Now why the hell would they do that?

Joseph Sarabia

Seahawks played like hot garbage.

Seahawks Fan

Marshawn Lynch is coming back


    Seahawks Fan no he ain’t lol

    Alan Munson

    Even if he did. He’s old. Not even worried about him. He’s out of his prime.

    American Patriot


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