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Building The Browns 2019: Next Man Up (Ep. 16)

The latest edition of BuildingtheBrowns is with the team after it learns it will finish the 2019 season without DE Myles Garrett. WR Jarvis Landry is mic'd up for his first game against his former team, Miami, and the Browns' unsung heroes on the equipment staff are profiled as the team prepares for its trip to Pittsburgh. Sheldon Richardson is mic'd up during a tough loss to the Steelers and Jamie Gillan wears it for a very special afternoon against the Bengals, which began with his father, Colin, leading the pre-game flyover above FirstEnergy Stadium.

Building the Browns is an Emmy award-winning documentary series that follows the front office and coaching staff during the Senior Bowl, Combine and the Draft. The series takes the viewer inside the process that goes into selecting players on draft night. Building the Browns also takes fans along with players to visit their homes and see their lives when they are away from Berea. Episodes air Sundays in Cleveland on News 5 (WEWS) during 4 weeks in April leading up to and immediately following the NFL Draft and are archived on and YouTube.

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Jd Franklin


GradyFootball 8

Lessss go!

Sandman Huffmaster

Odell will be a Brown next season he ain’t going anywhere


    Landeckham and Chunt the unstoppable duos

    Dewayne Cooper

    Lets hope so

    Christian Thompson

    Only thing I’m worried about why isnt obj participating in these building the browns vids? It makes me worry about if he actually wants to be here

Jeremy Kovacs

At 26:18, anyone else catch Mike Tomlin say “beat your a**” to Freddie?

Teddy Cabuno Jr

Woof woof if that don’t get you fired up there’s def something wrong with you or your not a TRUE BROWNS fan! Lets finish this on a high note at 9-7 and shut them ALL UP!


    This whole organization is 💩


    Go be a Crows, then. Some fans are 💩 too.


jarvis is my spirit animal


Bro, we need to keep Chubb and Hunt together, they are two of the best backs in the league and they thrive off of each other. LETS GO!!!


    Yes, and if we trade him we’re making it easier for another team to beat us. Gotta keep these weapons and hope the coaching rights the ship for 2020.


    PLEASE PLEASE keep this team together.
    Chubb n Hunt together will rule the league. Landry and Beckham…TOGETHER.
    Coaching staff TOGETHER.


This was the most fantastic production y’all have pdut out to date.


Didn’t bleep “FOOKIN” LOL

    Michael Berger

    33:39 lolol


Let’s go brownies


Still can’t believe Rudolph didn’t get a suspension. And they magically didn’t have anyone micd up during that game(somehow) and Garret would’ve gotten a lighter suspension had it been a regular Saturday game.


Baker gets all of the headlines and commercials but I just want to say I LOVE Jarvis. The guy leaves everything on the field and gives his all out there. While Baker is playing pretty uninspired football and still gets the headlines Jarvis is out there busting his rear and playing his heart out. Put that “C” captain patch on Landry or Chubb. Those men are the heart of this offense, Baker has to step his game up big time.

Ashanti Stewart

Batman and Superman… the Justice League💪🏾💪🏾


6 carries between Chubb & Hunt in the first half against Cincinnati. Imagine we actually utilized these two to their maximum potential. Then they could really be dangerous.

    Michael Lucas

    Hard to call a run play when you’re constantly at 2nd at 19.


    @Michael Lucas Call a run play on 1st down.. Better to gain 3 then lose 9. The coaching is just so suspect no wonder everyone of the players (other than Chubb & Hunt ) aren’t able to play to their highest potential. Coaching is not great all around.


    @Michael Lucas even then we need to be using them in the pass game more as well. They’re both very capable.

    Michael Lucas

    @PIGGIES With Chubb and Hunt, I’m running on downs 1-4 until someone shows they can stop it, which hasn’t ever happened.

    Like you said, coaching has been an abomination this year.


We need to keep Chubb, Hunt, Landry, Beckham Jr, and Mayfield together! This offense will be great if we give them the time to gel.


Jarvis is becoming like my favorite Brown ever.


    I totally agree.


I absolutely love Jarvis. As a player and a person. I’d honestly much rather keep him long term than OBJ. But hey if we can keep both that’d be cool

Sam Young

4:16 -THAT’S MY QB! Everyone can give up on him. We won’t!

Sam Young

27:19 – I just love this guy!

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