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Doggie Woggie7

ha first

Easton Shirey

let’s go tj! Next season he’s gonna be the best and every year for the rest of his career!

    Frank Herrera

    Not with Tomlin at the helm. That moron had Steeler Nation rooting for the fudging Browns last year and has single handedly turn our “here we go Steelers” chant into “there we went”. The man is an incompetent, overrated moron with a 10 cent vocabulary.

    Easton Shirey

    Frank Herrera I wouldn’t completely blame tomlin, i think fichtner deserves it more, because he has made our team complete defense this year, and even with the injuries we still had some good backups and ups and downs but in the end it came down to the play calling.

Stephen Powell

Our defense is the only reason we weren’t 4-12 this year! Watt and Dupree have been my favorite OLB duo to watch since Greene and Lloyd, great job gentlemen!

    Shawn Gilliam

    Both of them should be in the Pro Bowl! But I think only TJ got nominated. But you’re right they were a hell of a Duo to watch! Had quarterbacks on the run this season


Defense is ready to win Super Bowls!!!! Great job men!!!

    Jacob Summers

    @Intellectual One bro you’re just a troll, I’ve seen you on like 3 videos about the steelers. You follow them like a fan

    Intellectual One

    @Jacob Summers Nope. I just come on the videos to laugh at you losing.

    Jacob Summers

    @Intellectual One hey man find joy where ever ya can I’m not judging. They went 8-8 with an injury plagued season. Not a great team, but a great defense. Next year will be better, not saying they’re gonna do anything in the playoffs, but if they would’ve had consistent Quarterback play they would be in the playoffs.

    Nick Watts

    @Intellectual One nice one dork is this what you do for fun? You need a life

    Jason Ashley

    @Intellectual One lol your name implies you’re high on yourself. Sound like a real narc but what do I know?


As sure as we need to do some fixing on the O. we need to sign Bud, and Minka to what ever we can, our D has shaped up to a much higher level through the season and we need to keep those guys. Most of our losses came to 3 – 6 points, if we can fix our O to just score a little more we would have had a 10+ win season. Hope we fix that in the off season.

tfcollect 26

Bud….you’re not going anywhere, bro! You are have become what Tomlin said you had the potential to become and more. He believed in you when so called fans were calling you a bust.


Love Our Defense…… young and already AMAZING…..


Dont Lose Bud🙏

RADAR 1982

TJ has NOTHING to be ashamed of. He had a tremendous season


    @Light Iverson Obviously not smart enough thats why Steelers have a shitty record.

    Light Iverson

    A2Kaid .500 isn’t shitty it just isn’t good but I’ll take those risks if it involves the defense being ranked in the top 6 and number 1 in takeaways.

    xcarr33 PGOKC13

    A2Kaid lmao must be a Clowns or Bungles fan

    Devin Pendergast

    A2Kaid he had a ton of force fumbles obviously it was smart know your facts

Awesome Austin


    K B

    A2Kaid lol what? That’s what good players do my guy, they create turnovers.

Joeschmoe Dontjaknow

Alright kevin colbert build me a run game and I’ll stay. Aj dillion looks knee jerk alright just to help get the ball rolling. Run game. That is your mission kevin colbert

J Wolf

Lots of jolly and cheer in the background. Must be due to relief that the season is over.

    Sarin VX

    J Wolf 😂

98671 X

Bud the stud it’s your turn to get “Tagged” let’s see how you handle it! Remember cleaning out LB locker? (•‿•)

Indigo God

The steelers are going To come back Strong next year!

    Bob Dillon


    Indigo God

    @Bob Dillon haha you drunk

    Bob Dillon

    Indigo God no you must be drunk, come on man I’ve heard the same thing over the last decade about the Steelers. “Next year will be the year”. Tomlin holds this team back, he only won a Super Bowl because of Bill and has winning seasons because of a defense built by Bill and Big Ben. I guarantee the Steelers will be a wildcard team and out in the first game. I was a long time Steeler fan but every since this organization has went done a road of drama, mistakes and letting players do what ever they want. Juju will most likely turn into AB and it’s not his fault it’s the organizations fault and it’s sad.

    Indigo God

    @Bob Dillon whatever you say bandwagoner.

    K B

    Bob Dillon you never were a Steelers fan, not if you switched to another.

Lillian Perez

We didnt have a good Qb yea i guess ur right about that!

Charlotte AH

Love TJ



Low key Blunt

Bens comin back and draft some rb talent


steel curtain is kinda coming back!

Jesse Jackson

Super proud of the defense this year. I hope we can address the RB situation and upgrade the O Line and backup QB spots.

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