Bucs Training Camp Day Twelve Highlights! – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Bucs Training Camp Day Twelve Highlights!

Watch Shaq Barrett and Lavonte David in action against the Bucs offense during Tuesday's training camp practice.

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Joeboi EZ Reply


20thCenturyMan Reply

Did I just see Brady scramble?

    jonas hobgood Reply

    And it wasn’t even slow🤔

    Eagleman Reply

    It that tb12 vitamins

Tony G Reply

0:38 that release

stéphane A Reply

Brady’s passes are crisp af.

    Christopher Law Reply

    Watched his whole career, that’s a big part of why he is so clutch. When the game tightens up, so does his throws. The accuracy is like Mariano Rivera in the 9th inning

    Josiah Sanchez Reply

    Christopher Law great analogy

Michael Wiley Reply

Tom is about to make Scottie Miller a superstar

Esh11_WOTB Reply

I hope Rojo can step up to the task.

Mr. Misterrr Reply

Panthers fan but have a lot of respect for Bucs. They have been struggling over the past decade and deserve to go big this year.

    Mr. Misterrr Reply

    Ok I can believe that. Over here in just hoping that we can’t maybe get Trevor Lawrence?

    bigjoker6905 Reply

    Thanks man. I believe will be better than what you guys are getting credit for. CMC is a beast!!

    Mr. Misterrr Reply

    bigjoker6905 I hope it true and yessir

    stéphane A Reply

    Is it me or fans from this division are amazing. The other day, a classy Falcons fan came up and now this.

    bigjoker6905 Reply

    @stéphane A I agree bro. My brother and me are both Bucs fans in the Midwest and we both tend to (not always for gambling reasons lol) root for our division rivals in the playoffs because it just shows that we are the best division. Besides game day against each other, then we are sworn enemies. Lol

Manchild Does Dumb Crap Reply

I feel bad for the Bucs, but my favorite team isn’t even in the same Conference

joshua demet Reply

Keep ballin justin #17

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