Bucky Brooks Discusses Mike McCarthy’s Offensive Preferences | Dallas Cowboys – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Great Interview looking forward to hearing more from Bucky and the crew! 💯

Tony Mungro

Ok Tiny jim Lenior Rhyne is located in Hickory N.C. 41 miles North of Charlotte,N.C. AkA Panthers Stadium

eric cornelius

very exciting…hope Kinlaw is there at 17.
just give me 1 of them and I’ll be a happy fan.

    Brian Daniel

    Herny ruggs III

    Ready ReDDD

    Brian Daniel there ya go playa ✊🏽


    Ya know instead of Javon Kinlaw, give me Derrick Brown

    Tc 88

    @mastersonic707 That cost your 2nd pick also to move up and get Brown. the gap between the 2 isn’t that big.


Great to see Bucky Brooks on board! I love Move the Sticks so this will be exciting to hear him talk draft with the Boys.

David W. Johnson


    John McClure

    David W. Johnson he can’t block though… he’s not a TE1. He’s perfect in the role he’s in but could be used more often.

    Jesse Sherman

    I want thadeius moss. I wouldn’t mind taking him in the 2nd at all maybe even first who knows 😅 the Jones fucked up with his dad an not taking him

    David W. Johnson

    @John McClure He’s 6’5″ and has a high center of gravity. Witten has a low center of gravity and is alot slower at his age. Mark it down… Jarwin will be a probowler soon.

    Matt S

    Jesse Sherman you’re crazy if you want Moss in the first round. I wouldn’t take him until round 4.

Martin Mendoza

We need to get rid of Dave smh he’s a bum


    I want to punch his smug lil face.

Jameon Cal

I like tha TE for a 3rd round pick he’s pretty good . I bet somebody move up an try an grab em like Godert

BQ 3



who’s the hobbit?


    Tiny Jim

    B Davis

    Former nfl fluffer

Kevin Ellis

I love Bucky Brooks on podcast !!!! I finally have a face to the voice !!!


Dave AKA “Tiny Jim” is the best!!


Draft some playmakers. Stud safety and cb A stud te. Speed demon at reciever draft a mean dlineman

    Ali Muhammad

    Dak cant throw wuts the point of getting a speed wr…

Chris Noriega

It starts up front man I know we want a safety but a defensive tackle would be most important rn in this new season

Derrick Bonner

Cowboys need beef on the D line inside run stuffers


Check out Canelo’s brother on the left. 🤣🤣

Nicholas Foster

“when you close your eyes and watch him play” – Bucky

Ruben Morales

Let’s just hope Jerry Jones goes senial and has to relinquish the ownership of the Cowboys!!!!

Troy Jones Sr

Trade everything for top picks next year, draft talented small school guy’s, resign your talent then get to work..😎✊👏👍


At 7:15 it’s the wrong player highlights mixed in for kinlaw. That’s Dj Wonnum

Steven Hamilton

Safety and a run stopper, love woods though!

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