Brycen Hopkins is “What You’re Looking For in Today’s Tight End” | Inside the Draft (Episode 6) – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Brycen Hopkins is “What You’re Looking For in Today’s Tight End” | Inside the Draft (Episode 6)

A nice combination of speed and consistent hands, Brycen Hopkins has the skillset that Les Snead and the scouting department thought belonged with Coach Sean McVay. See behind the scenes of what led them to take the Purdue Boilermaker in the 4th round of the 2020 NFL Draft.

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Alexander Smith Reply

Great pickup

Desmon Reply

The Rams can very well be poised to make the postseason this year, especially with the playoffs being expanded. So long as Akers can come in a be a contributor straight away and the offensive line finds stability this year, then there should be no reason the Rams miss the postseason.

    Jesse Stanley Reply

    I’d be shocked if we win less than 10-11 games this year. Outside of the hard games within our division we have a really easy schedule.

    Silas Earnhardt Reply

    Lol well we should have this past season. Now we lost gurley, suh and didn’t add many weapons. Still looking forward to the season as always tho!

musicvideos2695 Reply

I truly can’t wait to see what Mcvay will do with this kid and I must be in the minority of rams fans who still hope we keep Gerald Everett.

    Will Carella Reply

    musicvideos2695 they do make sense, friend. I just explained why.. Gerald Everett’s contract is about to be up and he will need a new deal and want good $$$. We just paid Tyler higbee a big contract. It is very unlikely that after giving higbee a big deal that we will also give Everett a big deal.. we don’t have a lot of cap space at all and have other needs. I think that’s why we drafted Hopkins, to prepare for the likely event that Everett will pursue free agency. Trust me buddy, I don’t want to lose Everett either, I think he is a damn good player with high upside… but unfortunately we don’t have unlimited cap room

    musicvideos2695 Reply

    Will Carella you make a great argument trust me the second we picked Hopkins I figured it’s geared towards potentially losing Gerald. But unless he goes off in 2020, we should still be in line to retain him. Love his potential and we both will hate for him to go shine else where. TE room should flourish 2020 no matter what, I guess we can enjoy that now and worry about 2021 when it gets here

    charles Davis Jr. Reply

    @Will Carella I agree with you. When we got rid of Cory Littleton, Dante Fowler, or even Michael Brockers before we got him back. So I understand. Like you said, it will suck to see Gerald Everett go

    charles Davis Jr. Reply

    @Will Carella oh yeah, Robey Coleman too

    Will Carella Reply

    musicvideos2695 agreed brother. We will just see how Everett and Hopkins do this year and take it from there. Go Rams!

Ray C Reply

Reminds me a lot of Higbee

FrostFangzz Reply

His separation skills are going to make a big difference no matter the coverage, I see him being used for heavy 3rd down situations

Ascend Bmo Reply

What you guys record prediction for 2020?

    Gabriel Roman Reply

    @Neil Gonzalez we can’t get a 13-4, we have 16 games

    Max Rios Reply

    9-7 is our floor 10-6 is the sweet spot and 11-5 is our ceiling, Go Rams!

    Michael MACCHIA Reply


    Daniel Coronado Reply

    @Gabriel Roman I thought it got changed to a 17 game season unless that’s for next year.

    Gabriel Roman Reply

    @Daniel Coronado ok

Ascend Bmo Reply

Reminds me of patrick mahomes

    Ascend Bmo Reply

    @Leo lmao hishair and skin color.

pam0077 Reply

Classed out as one of the best TE prospects, if not THE best, in the draft. Except for one problem. Drops.

NoExciteNathan Reply

That one dislike

    Michael MACCHIA Reply

    It’s a saints fans i bet

Football Fanatic997 Reply

No experts are taking the Rams, now prove em wrong.

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