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Mike_ Z

OT is first priority. If we do get a wr, it better be ceedee or juedy if it’s with 11. If we trade back, ruggs is acceptable.


    Ruggs would be the pic at 11. He’s the only wide receiver in this draft class that dictates defense. He makes you keep a safety over the top or you audible to Max protection and go for the touchdown. He’s Tyreek Hill – the child abuse and the off-the-field problems and a way more polished receiver than Tyreek Hill was coming out of college and he’s coming out of the best conference in all of college football. what are you talkin about?


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max. m

Please draft Ceedee Lamb or Henry Ruggs III, because i’ll rather buy a jersey of a top rookie wide receiver than a jersey of a OT…..🤷

    Bryan Lindsay

    max. m fair. Fair. Me too


    Yeah why should we worry about protection for Sam darnold so he can finally have a chance to develop. It doesn’t matter what receivers you have if the quarterbacks running for his life. A great route Runner like Judy doesn’t matter there’s no timing to your offense when you’re running for survival as the quarterback. And the Jets have the worst set of starting offensive tackles in the NFL right now

    Bryan Lindsay

    WORTHtheFIGHT got a point.


amazing video I really liked it

    JMoney 8720

    Tom your subscribed to me

    Bryan Lindsay

    Dude, you’re EVERYWHERE I LOOK! Lay off a bit please!

Lunkers with Lucas

Cee Dee Lamb


    Don’t be surprised if Lambs a bust or at least not a first-round pick. He played one cornerback All Season that will play in the NFL or at least be a solid starter Jeff gladney. And Jeff gladney put him in jail no bond two catches 16 yards in a close one score football game. Remember the Big 12 the weakest defensive conference out of the power five by a mile

    Lunkers with Lucas

    @WORTHtheFIGHT I bet you he goes top 10. He’s a beast

Bryan Lindsay

I feel like the guy could be a good fit. But could he available on the second round?


Okay so lets breakdown what was said in this video that were listed
-Jerry Juedy:
Cons-Not a lot of bulk, Will Drop passes, Will need to get used the NFL DB strength and skill
Pros-Masterwork Route running, Stop and Start Speed
-I’m sorry but the way described him it sounds like a bust or at least a project player that will play the slot and work his way to the 2WR…Pick an OL or Ceedee Lamb

Pro-Potentiel, Explosion, and pressure
-Injuries are the bane of any player and team and have an ACL tear is a big hurt. But The way our system and Def is made up, I agree he will a guy that will be used sparingly and work his way up to start around weeks 13/14. I would like to see him fall to mid 2nd but most likely won’t be there.

The third-round picks…where do I start, Why waste a pick on a 4-year start that needs work, I mean You guys even expose his weakness in your clips. that corner from Auburn, He played defense for 2 years and is expected to now play in a Greg Williams Def, come on know that’s not smart moves.

This Draft board has a theme…Potential vs Risk, I honestly believe if this board is the way we go our 2nd round pick could be our only true 5-7 year impactful player.


Jerry jeudy being an amazing route Runner won’t matter at all. Because the offense will never be on time as long as SAM darnold is running for his life

Blunted Vegas702

Offensive line in the 1st round. Nothing else.


When are we going to give Sam darnold solid protection so he can finally start to develop by being comfortable in the pocket are we going to wait till the second contract or should we go on and find out if he’s actually a franchise quarterback now

Daquan Drones

If WR ceedee lamb

Quis 1on1

I personally don’t think Jeudy would fit our offense we have to many small guys on our offense we need bigger WR. Unless your Henry Ruggs cause he brings freak speed in his speed takes away blitzes.

    J. E.

    Cee dee lamb or ruggs we need explosive playmakers on offense, juedy does not have it imo



J. E.

Cee dee lamb is better

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