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Jets Talk 24/7

If we take a CB at 11 I might have to go on an infant punching rampage.

    velvet thunder

    Jets Talk 24/7 if okkudah is there u take him.

    Jose Marquez

    I’m hoping one the top OT fall to 11. If that happens I’m confident we can snag a starter at cb and wr on day 2 of the draft

    Jets Talk 24/7

    @velvet thunder I guess I consider that just as likely as Joe Burrow falling to 11 haha

    John Bushnell

    Not at 11, but at 48, 68 or 79. Possibly even 2 CB’s. Leaning towards a Center at 48. Cushenberry, Ruiz, or Hennessy with 2 CB’s in the the third

Bear 7453

No more first round defenders !!! It’s time for OFFENSE


Yo my man Jeffrey Okduah


Keep the content coming! Love it.

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