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Shane O'Neill

Considering the Jets pick #11, this video is pointless.

Nick Hunter



You know we are picking 11 right? Those meaningless last 2 games of the season where gase did nothing to show he can help Sam Darnold ensured that

Dan Greco

I agree w Shane O’Neill, I was pretty excited Hoping to see 5 prospects that can realistically be picked at 11 by the Jets #Take2 p.s we get it it’s his top 5 big board but why would we care??

danglerz TV

2 options seem logical to me:
1. CeeDee Lamb in first round, OL in second round, and an top o-lineman (Scherff, Conklin, williams) in free agency
2. Tristan Wirfs/Jed Wills, antoher OL in second round and a top receiver in free agency preferably Amari Cooper would be a very solid addition.

    BringBack JojiVlogs

    danglerz TV if Jeudy and the top 3 oline picks are off the board, I’d hope a QB falls and they Jets can trade out of this pick to gain more picks i he mid rounds.

    This class is deep at WR so picking one at 11 (unless Jeudy is there) would be a reach.

    Lamb won’t help Darnold as a go too. He’s just a big play guy right now

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