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Can’t stand Jameis man!

    Eli Knight

    MONEY/SUCCESS 10Million no teddy bridgewater don’t he’ll nahh Df

    White People

    Good to see you back! We missed you during the 4 straight wins and some great games by Winston. Welcome back for bashing!

    Brent Oneil

    I have seen Bret Favre do the same thing. I’m not saying he played good but when I look at it how many others quarterbacks is going to keep us in the game after 1 interceptions. We can’t run the ball good enough for a defense to respect the running game. That’s the real problem. But I get it let him go and watch we are not going to be able to score points again.

    Kadrinne Brewton

    @Brent Oneil it don’t matter we was still losing so what difference does it makes?

    Daphne Johnson

    White People I love it, they have been silent the last 4 weeks.

Tastyquicksand - #DailyNFLVideos

I’m not really mad, Evans and Godwin we’re out. What did you expect. The worse he does this year the better he’ll be next year. Now he’s going to learn a ton from Arians watching film on his mistakes.

    Tastyquicksand - #DailyNFLVideos

    Q Kellz – And if we don’t make playoffs in 2020 we get rid of him. Arians had nothing to work with this season. Now he knows what we need help on he can draft some guys + sign them.

    Adam Hart

    He has shown this level of highs and lows his whole career. His first throw ever was a pick 6 against the Titans. The last 3 games he has opened the game with a pick. He sets good and bad records literally at the same time. If we took away even a third of his picks I believe that alone would make us a 10 win team at least. I dont want him gone, but if we give him a huge extension its gonna be hard for me to believe it will come together for a full season with Winston there. Our defense played amazing today and it was his play today that cost us a win against a playoff team in December….

    de dom

    @Tastyquicksand – #DailyNFLVideos let’s not mention Winston’s total turnovers 35 on the year is more then GBs entire team. Not to mention his pic 6 was his 6th of the season and if that didn’t happen bucs would of won because they held their offense to 16 points even with the other 4 turnovers. All those fact just go out the window because your crystal ball says he’s going to magically improve. Oh wait that’s what they said in Koetter’s second and 3rd years with him. Hmmmm recurring theme. But then again. That’s why BA won’t say they extending him long term, even BA doesn’t have total faith in it. and earlier in week when asked since BA is win now would he even consider a young qb. He responded won 14 games in a row with big ben first 2 years. Made it to the playoffs with Luck as a rookie. Sounds kind of mixed to me. But I read between the lines more then Winston fanboys.

Dolls Bill

Bad offense play calling at the end it’s 3 and 1 qb sneak with your 6’5 qb or run ground and pound with your power back…they put Winston in bad position at the end..defense played lights out keep that dline together..and oj Howard is dead weight trade him before he lose value…can’t let me forget mr pick 6 himself jbo Winston the name speaks for itself..he ain’t it find a qb ASAP move on

    Jonathan Neal

    Yea Byron tried to get to fancy. Just keep it elementary and sneak it

    Michael Overton

    Howard had one pass off his hands and another where I don’t know what Howard was doing like he was just lost

Nick Murtha

Jameis didn’t play a good game in any stretch of the imagination but Bruce is right in saying this is a team game if we win everyone talks about the grit of Winston for fighting and winning but now no one says that. sadly brate had a very costly drop and we were missing major weapons with still a not good enough run game. if you take away the one breakout run from jones he had 13 carries for 28 yards which isn’t good enough even though it was encouraging that jones was catching well out of the backfield. Special teams needs to improve the run blocking needs to improve and winston still has to improve but I still believe in Winston and think when you throw the ball fifty times a game because of a lack of running game it’s gonna cause you to throw picks especially with the gunslinger mentality Winston has.


    the texans went into the game with a “jump the route” mentality…they expected him to throw picks and he did, that last one being the worst of the year. Horrible play call in such a crucial time…4th and 1 plays at this juncture of the season should be more efficient. I don’t understand using Dare over Peyton? Previous game Dare took the route inside to the middle of the field? The Texans were sitting on any routes to the outside, they were very opportunistic. I really think Jameis struggles with anxiety (they all do) if they resign him they really need to get Jameis some outside mental health, maybe some Yoga because he is so erratic. There in the playoffs if he throws his avg./per year INT’s.

After Asteroid Survivor

We need to bring in some competition at QB. Draft or free agency. JW just needs to fear for his job. 2020 there will be no more excuses. The fan base has had it with JW. He’s just not a starting QB.

    Daphne Johnson

    After Asteroid Survivor You can put Tom Brady in Winston’s place, that won’t fix the underline problem. The problem is bigger than Winston. We haven’t had a team this good since the Warren Sapp crew, 97-2003, yet we still continue to blame the QB. It is much bigger than the QB.

    After Asteroid Survivor

    Daphne Johnson if that’s the case, fire Byron and BA. Getting paid millions to correct the issues and doing absolutely nothing.

    Daphne Johnson

    After Asteroid Survivor Do you not see any improvements?

    After Asteroid Survivor

    Daphne Johnson I see at least 3 picks a game,Every game. I think Winston is to soft as a leader. He wants to be family with everyone. We don’t need a family reunion, we need a consistent QB. So no, I don’t see improvement. Look how better he played last year (picks wise) when he had fitz behind him. The fear of losing your job makes you a little better. I still think we should franchise tag him but bring in a competent veteran QB.

Malicious X

We can never catch a break 😔

Oliver Lion

It was actually 4:32 second the man trash

Keld El

The tight end who dropped that pass really cost them game. Ball hit him in the hands.

    Michael Overton

    You right that was the ball game right there. The way the defense was playing they might hold houston

    Eli Navy

    His name is Cameron Brate and it’s just like Alshon last year vs the saints

    Michael Overton

    @Eli Navy yep but Brate used his hands and Jeffrey used his body same result though

Robert Ankuma

Why do you have him throwing the ball over 40 times?😔

G. T.

Texans fan here, Bruce Arians is a better coach than ours.

Lon Landis

BA denied the NFL report that the BUCS have already decided to go LONG TERM w Jameis. That’s all he could do. Let’s see if it turns out to be true.

White People

I am looking forward to next year. This game was bad QB play, bad receivers play, bad special team play and top receiversinjured. And with minutes left this game could have been won.

It shows that if all three phases can get better this is a playoff team next year. Remember Tampa is the site of next years super bowl. 8-8 or even 7-9 is progress.

    Kadrinne Brewton

    Are you serious right now?

    Daphne Johnson

    Totally agree!

Larry Johnson

Yall are a fun team to watch and I like your head coach. If JW could cool down the picks he could be amongst the elite. Good luck next year

    Kadrinne Brewton

    Yal can have him

Benjamin Ari

This man lives in denial.
Defense played great. There was a running game. How y’all gonna NOT put this loss on Jameis?

    Daniel Ceballos

    My guess is public relations,
    If he’s gonna tell him, he’s gonna tell him behind close doors

    Brent Oneil

    The lost was on Jamies ok . He played with a broken thumb as well so don’t forget about that. He didn’t have his wr . But that’s why I say that during training camp every wr needs to be taking first team reps because you don’t know who’s going to get injured.

    Golden Ages

    At least two picks his WR ran terrible, sloppy routes thats why Arians said Winston trusts people too much. He trusts his guys to run great routes and catch the ball. They didn’t on two of them.

    Benjamin Ari

    Golden Ages lol
    For 5 years over 100 ints all cause his WRs ran sloppy routes. Imagine



scot pederson

The Bucs will have to decide do they want a QB with lots of passing attempt, passing yards and tds, but also TDs that go the other way and other Picks that put the defense on their heels because of the return of so many interceptions? Or would they prefer a winning QB who may not throw for as many yards or TDs but they throw very few Picks?

Look at all the teams going to the playoffs this year and the last 10 years and you will not see any QBs throwing 20 or 25 Picks like Ints-ton does. Will the fans keep putting up with this Mess?!

Maximum Overdrive

If only the Texans had Fired Bill’O Brien last year and gotten this guy! We’d have the best Team in the FKin League right now!

Daphne Johnson

JW is a SuperStar Champion QB. The Bucs have had maybe 5 good years prior to Winston, the natives know the truth but they will continue to pointy fingers at Winston. This game wasn’t a good game for Winston but never did he make excuses by using his broken thumb, the guy owns it and keeps pressing. Positive, Perseverance and Passionate, the guy will soar. He is the next Peyton Manning, wait until they trade him. First the natives of Tampa said it was the Doug William curse, then after Tony D got fired the natives said it was the Tony D curse. Now they have to blame someone else, JW; can’t wait to see this guy take a bow and I hope it takes place in Tampa Fl 2021 to shut all the haters up.

Daphne Johnson

By Eduardo A. Encina
Published Dec. 14
Updated Dec. 14
TAMPA — The similarities between Jameis Winston’s passing numbers this season through 13 games — both good and bad — and those of Hall of Famer Peyton Manning through his age 25 season are striking at first glance

Winston already has the same number of touchdown passes (26), interceptions (23), team wins (six) as Manning did in 2001. His five interceptions returned for touchdowns are one fewer than Manning’s. Their passing yards, quarterback ratings and completion percentages are nearly identical as well.


he is actually a good coach .wont hear anything contrary

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