Bruce Arians’ Postgame Victory Speech Following Lions Game – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Ramy B.

Four in a row!! Time to make it five!! Let’s go Bucs!! I talk about this teams confidence in my newest video!!

    Curtis Hayes

    Homie we gon need you to play reciever at this rate.


0:20 “why this dude holdin’ my hand?”

    saviron hipps

    His face bruh🤣🤣🤣

    Moe Moe

    @saviron hipps yo i just notice dude face at the end, that look was serious

    saviron hipps

    @Moe Moe lavonte was bout to take off on dude lol he still holdin his hand as hes walking off

Ian Burke

Impressive win

Clay Geiger

Hey falcons fans panthers fans who’s in the basement now

saviron hipps

David’s face at the end like bruh dont hold my hand. I played ball most black dudes dont play like that white guys be the playful ones🤣


    saviron hipps as a white guy i Can say this is so true😂

Jeffrey Robinson



This is great and all but for the love of God I did not need to see a shirtless Tom Moore why would you do this!

    Truth Teller

    …be glad it was just his shirt.

Clay Geiger

God it feels good to be winning we needed this bucs fans

Tj Tillman

Tom Moore in the background with his shirt off 😂😂😂😂

    Hang Them For Treason

    Tj Tillman he was flexin too man!!

Complete Chaos


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