Bruce Arians on Rookie Parnell Motley’s Standout Camp | Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Moose Keys Reply

Jenna back at it again with the tragic mic setup and Tom Brady question 🙂

    bowlchamps37 Reply

    She probably has a bet going “How often can I ask a TB12 question before Stroud in the background jumps out of the building.

    Bill Schmidt Reply

    Really with the echo every time

    Me You Reply

    I’ve always thought Jenna was terrible with her questions now it’s been confirmed but I’m wondering if those at ESPN are telling her they only want to hear about Brady? No one is consistently that bad I hope.

    Ty Kash Reply

    Dude I hate her mic, it’s so annoying


    She’s such a twit… Glad I’m not the only one wishing she’d cover another team! 🤦‍♂️

Tim Reply

Can someone please ask about the effect tom brady has had on the water boys and if tom has had an influence on which flavor Gatorade they plan to use this season.

    Mysterious Man?? Reply

    That’s a question for Jenna lol

Mr. Misterrr Reply

Panthers fans can’t wait for the draft

That includes me

Jutin Butin Reply

Please someone has to inform Jenna or something. How has no one stopped her yet, idek how she got that job at ESPN because literally anyone can ask questions about Tom Brady

Ariana Reeder Reply

doctor: “you have 12 minutes and 35 seconds left to live”


    Mysterious Man?? Reply

    Ariana Reeder afirrmative

Joan Melnick Reply

Every single day Jenna is on…Tom Brady. She must be obsessed.

stéphane A Reply

Man, Tom Brady is my favorite player but Jenna Laine is something else.

Kristian Carter Reply

Jenna asks the same questions every conference….

Mysterious Man?? Reply

I guess Jenna thinks Tom Brady is the only player on the Bucs

GFH Shmadden Reply

Tell Jenna fix her mic 🤦🏾

Vincent Wright Reply

I sent Jenna a message on Twitter . I am sure she didn’t get it. If we all send her a message about her 30,000 Brady question, maybe she will stop.

Gwrightproductions1 Reply

Jennaaaa. Brady Brady Brady 🤮

Jordan Fisher Reply

Jenna Laine: “Tom Brady….”

Getting so tired of her

Bucs, can we pa-pa-please replace her

Garrett Lehmann Reply

Jenna needs to fix her mic. And stop asking Tom Brady questions on the daily!

Dylan160w Reply

Jenna out here with the hard hitting questions! Hopefully she asks the landscapers how mowing Bradys grass impacts their performance!

Alcolhea Everett Reply

Jenna lane the tom brady whisperer🤣🤣🤣🤣

Roberto Moreno Reply

The GOAT is in TB !

Galileo Shift Reply

drop the ball & you lose to the guy who doesn’t drop the ball: next level job requirement

Jon aka June Reply

Jenna wants Brady to tap it so bad…. She fanasises about him all day I bet….. She is obsessed with him

TB Bucs Reply

Will Gholston is the most underrated D-Lineman on the Bucs over the past 5 years. Changing the topic

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