Bruce Arians on Dealing with Detroit’s Pass Rush & Darius Slay | Bucs Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Bruce Arians on Dealing with Detroit’s Pass Rush & Darius Slay | Bucs Press Conference

HC Bruce Arians spoke to the media on Wednesday before the Bucs-Lions Week 15 game.

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Don Breezy

Hate not going to the playoffs again this year but I’m use to it lol. I just hope we finished this season 9-7 and now knowing that we will have 90 million in cap space, Let’s just hope we invest in the oline this off-season. Jameis needs help!!! THATS MY QUARTERBACK! 😤😤😤

    Campino Milligan

    JW needs to leave, and no help!!!

    Antwion Parker

    We can let go of Nassib. Let’s draft that DE from Penn State University Yetur gross.

    Campino Milligan

    @Antwion Parker Bring back THE MAN and LEGEND…Bring back the Real Nr 93!!!!

    Antwion Parker

    @Campino Milligan No please do not bring mr smiles back.


It’s like hearing one half of a phone call


The Bucs Achilles heel is our Tackles… there is a direct correlation between Jameis good games and bad games depending on the other teams edge rushers… We are already bad enough at the position when healthy… Theres going to be a lot on Jameis shoulders as per usual

    Allan Hernandez

    Beef up the line offseason and we taking heads off


    Not this week because Mike is out… but I honestly would rather run a 3 WR set (or Howard/Brate) with two RBs, that way you can Keep both RBs to block then release if our ELITE 3 receiving options don’t get open…Most times they will be open because we have godwin and evans, and worst case you dump down to your two talented rbs who keep splitting time… imo

    Justin C

    @BrutalAsBucs I think teams are going to sleep on watson bro and he is going to ball out

matthew kitchel

We should have spent the whole week in London like Oakland did. SF just stayed at IMG and they won also

Brandon Williams

pay s. barrett first off then keep the same d-line all of them they work great together then we need to draft another LB to grow with D. White and learn from L.David i love the young DB’s id draft 2 late for depth i think we should work on perfecting the DEF. so for the 3rd yr draft DEF. heavy

    Eli Knight

    Brandon Williams them dbs trash asf bih we needa oline and we need a run game we need some vets on that defense in the secondary

David Fahey

Really thought the bucs would have been much better this year…😭…

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