Browns Look to Finish 2019 Season Victorious | 2 Minute Drill – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Dewitt McDidditt

Yeah, this is a no. If the Browns win, it won’t mean anything. The 2019 Browns would still have a worse record than the 2018 Browns. With a win, it would still be failure. If you actually celebrate it, iiiiiiiit will kinda be a slap in the face.

Dewitt McDidditt

I low-key hope my Brownies lose. Lol. Freddie Kitchens might actually be fired after that. Come on Red Rifle, take a dump on this disappointing team so that front office can be surprised enough to get there sh** together.


Freddie should just punt on 1st down. Couldn’t be much worse. You have 2 of the best backs in the league, 2 of the best receivers in the league, and he calls a play that loses 8 yards on a 3rd and 1. I lost count of how many WTF things he has done this year.

    The Brown Spider

    Well said anonymous John.


    @The Brown Spider Ravens fan here: LOL chubb is a bust also hunt.


A victory is a loss

Truth Is Freedom

Lol… Browns… clowns… only the browns could waste this much talent… so hard to watch.. hoping for an amazing season for these guys but again they went… Full Browns.. to be fair I’m a bengals fan and our ownership/front office/coaching/water guy/towel guy/restroom guy are way worse… but it takes serious effort to blow a season with this kind of talent… only something an Ohio team could pull off lol.. smh.. kmn…

Combat Arms Reloaded Free on Steam

This game means nothing won’t even watch.

Arnold Davis

Ha ha ha ha below 500 season is not a win Freddy is kill our chances

Suffer In Silence

6-10 and we lose to the bungles.

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