Bring Back Witten To The Cowboys Or Move On? | Hangin’ With the Boys – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Bring Back Witten To The Cowboys Or Move On? | Hangin’ With the Boys

Should we bring back Jason Witten or is it time to move on? And can this new coaching staff have better luck developing players, especially on defense? All that, plus we check in with Mama Gross.

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John Nelson

Bro what happens to amari cooper did he get shot or not?

    John Nelson

    Snatcher Claus and amari caught it for a touch down

    Snatcher Claus

    @John Nelson No, Amari got frustrated and took himself out of the game.

    Snatcher Claus

    @John Nelson That’s exactly what I say when I watch the Cowboys.

    John Nelson

    Snatcher Claus ikr

Prince Akpan

Dallas Cowboys needs to start scoring touchdowns during all four quarters of the football game this year!

    Snatcher Claus

    Gonna need a new QB first. If Dak can’t throw one TD to win the division against the Eagles practice squad defense we can forget about winning anything.

    Prince Akpan

    @Snatcher Claus The Dallas Cowboys didn’t make it to the playoffs since last year in 2019

    Rodney's Next Chapter

    @Snatcher Claus could barely lift his arm in that one , he shouldn’t have played that game.

I Rankin

Sometimes I feel like Jessie is a second away from stealing on Nate lol
Please don’t man : )

Daz Capone

Dude if you keep Witten, better be a 3 or maybe 2, let Jarwin Shine

Joe Bauers

Don’t let the door hitchya where the good lord splitchya Witt…


Move on

Warwick Dennis

Yeah bring Witten back as number 3-4 good locker room man an on field coach

De Von

✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ GO COWBOYS ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭
Out with the old and in with the new….. Witten time is up! We can’t grow as a team if we don’t move on and better ourselves!


My man Jessie back bringing the!!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥

Tony Mungro

Hangin with theses Boys is nothing but the Truth.#1 show hands down

TacoABeast 83

Jesse gonna get fired. Him and Broadus should start their own podcast

Charlie B

Shouldn’t have brought him back to begin with cause he keeps Prescott from throwing deep balls. That’s why Prescott is just a 10-15 yard passer and that creates a stagnant offense !

Surrender Bend

What Mardi Gra ? Ain’t even had Ash Wednesday yet. Is this 2020?

Mark Frederick

Thank you Nate! I’ve never heard anyone say what I scream at the T.V. every game! We are soft

Chase Dyer

It’s the coaches fault that Jarwin wasn’t used more. Witt could play less snaps and have a good role

Pixel light Gaming

Make a another breakfast squad vid

Mitch Monteith


JJ Guns

Time to move on JW

Fresco Black

“We treat them like Gods.. when they’ve done NOTHING” -Nate Newton

Henry Rojas

Enjoy the shows, but really miss broadus.

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