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Brian Daboll | “Every Little Detail Matters.”

Bills Offensive Coordinator Brian Daboll addresses the media on Monday. Topics included: preparing for the challenge of facing the Houston Texans in the wild card round this Saturday, what he saw from some of the practice squad players this past Sunday, and the flexibility of Isaiah McKenzie to play all over the field.

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William Hardy

If yeldon plays can we use some screens its a been a hot minute since i have seen a successful screen play from this team and duke better be playing saturday

Daniel Osborne

Is he farting?

    PaPaDew Vinylspinnin

    That’s what I thought 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Mike Bruce

    I thought the same thing hahahaha

    Moo Films

    Lmao I hear it


DaBoll needs to use more screens and quick plays. His play calling is to predictable. And stop trying to draw the D off sides… It doesn’t work! All it does is causes you a 5 yard penalty. See Balt,NE, etc…..

PaPaDew Vinylspinnin

Try some screens Daboll and cut Lee Smith the penalty magnet

PaPaDew Vinylspinnin

Stop wasting our 1st & 2nd downs

True That Boxing

Someone hire him or Bills organization fire him whenever the season ends. Bills need a real Offensive Coordinator.

James Jacobsen

OC Brian Dabol it’s time to play Sir Mix Alot. Open it up with the ol Dan Marino three step drop quick release. Maybe fifteen straight passes. Have Cole Beasley and the Duke on the right side and Robert Foster and John Brown on the left running streak routes. After a few plays mix the receivers up. Then run the ball ten times. Bring in two of those big tight ends to block the outside for singletary use Josh Allen as a blocker also. Then run Josh Allen straight up the gut. Don’t just have Josh look for the first down have him take it to the house anytime you cross mid field. Who’s gonna expect Josh Allen on a QB sneak on first down. Don’t manage the game clock like you been doing all year. Open up the throttle and blow out the carbs. Heck for good measure why not open it up with an onside kick. Using the regular kick off formation. Why stop there let’s have the punter bust a move to the outside on a fourth and five. Why stop there might as well have the holder on a long field goal attempt throw the ball to the kicker. Coach what’s wrong with the ol flea flicker. Might as well pull a John Elway have Josh Allen run to the line of scrimmage and go deep. Here’s another ol timer play have the full back block the view of the HB have have Josh drop his arm to his hip hidding the ball. Then boom go deep. Then after that instead of faking the hand off using the same play have Josh Allen pretend to throw the ball but as Josh’s arm goes forward have Josh looking up in the air all over the place trying to find the ball that slipped out of his hand. One hundred percent the defense is going to be looking for that lost fumble. In fact I would wager that the camera crews get faked out too. Nothing ventured nothing gained.


Get rid of this guy

    Tony Dobbs

    Let’s give him and the Offence a chance. Maybe he’s been sandbagging and waiting to turn on the gas during the playoffs.
    I hope that’s the case.

L.J. Wolf

Yeah Brian we sure are consistent. First down – handoff straight up the middle.
Second down – handoff straight up the middle.
Inevitable Third down and long – desperation heave 50 yards downfield.

I pray this “OC” gets hired by the Browns so we could perhaps get a real Coordinator.

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