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1999: Music City Miracle
2020: Houston Comeback
Bills playoff football at its finest



    Go Gators

    @ultimateguitarwizard Salty much

    EDP445's big ass cheeks

    @Go Gators join me


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    Ronnie Alston

    hector alvarez 77 when you up by 16 you shouldn’t give the refs a chance to decide the game

Swa Sho

Fantastic breakdown as usual

Now, for your next video, can you not record your voice on the bathroom toilet drawing plays on the iPad?


    Swa Sho

    Looks like he recorded the footage off the TV with the iPad camera too. lol

    HTX 713


    The Goat



The Bills tried.

Meko _

Bro, you need a new mic. I start a kickstarter campaign so you get a decent studio.

    No -

    Meko _ XD

    Anthony Grizzly

    It sounded like he was on a facetime call or something


    He always uses crappy mics or clips the signal, but this one takes the cake. Pathetic, a billion dollar league can’t match the production value of a teenager with a headset.


Lol i was scared for a second that my pohne is broken. Thanks a lot NFL official page lol. Top quality.

ssgkevin n

was the man on the toilet?

Bob Dylan

Dude sounds like he in a box

Bitch what

O’Brien exists:
Deshaun Watson: I’m about to save this mans career

    Angel A


    Wuzi Mu

    honestly watson was the one struggling out of the two of them. he has started slow like he has done all season. and missed a lot of open guys especially in the first, waiting for deeper routes to open, then would get pressured and ran out of the throw instead of just moving a little bit and throwing. like he did all season he improved his pace the second half. and he is so amazing that he can come up with something even when he messes up.
    he was still missing some good choices. but he and o’brien seem to understand there weaknesses, and so far in both of their careers have shown steady improvement in those areas.

HTX 713

Bill O’Brien is lucky he has Watson wo carry him smh

    Wuzi Mu

    watson was the one tripping over his own feet the first half, he starts slow and got beat up cuz of it. he misses open guys, waiting for deep routes, gets pressured and runs out of the throw instead of shuffling and throwing and often gets sacked because of it. these are problems watson had all season.
    watson made that game way harder than it should have been, the hardest of all for himself.
    he is so amazing he can overcome when he messes up a lot of times. but he knows his weaknesses and will continue to improve at them.
    coaching wise o’brien had a good game, the only even questionable thing was the challenge, which didn’t matter, but had some potential to be negative but wasn’t.
    both o’brien and watson have shown steady improvement in their weak areas, and look to continue that trend for at least a few more years.

Nick Mccreery

So much for Hopkins not being an elite wr. Dude ate his words


He sounds like a robot lol.

Karl Warner

Two Words: The SACK

Amber Barrett

What an awesome breakdown. I’m a Rams fan living in South Africa but watching your vid, I can be nothing but impressed. My team might be out but I still appreciate a winner. #A-wesome

Mike Duckwall

Watson is nuts, a great and fun ball player.

Christopher Lopez

Why He sound like the dude from black ops 1πŸ’€

    Shane Williams

    β€œThe numbers baldy, what do they mean!”

David R

It’s payback 4 the bills coming back & beating Houston all those years ago in the playoffs even thou that was the OILERS it still was Houston good job TEXANS!! πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘

RC Knight

No mention of JJ’s sack? That was the real shift in momentum.

    Money Texas

    RC Knight sure was

    Ike Rob

    I think he gets enough credit, so there are two replies agreeing with you…..feel better now…Team effort and the Focus in this post is right where it belongs, on Deshaun Watson. That probably hurts your feelings doesn’t.

    RC Knight

    Ike Rob
    My feeling were not hurt, but nice try at a pathetic straw man argument.

    Team effort, and that play was a big part of the story.

    Dezman Garrett

    Ike Rob i mean yea he carried us to that win, nobody is saying deshaun doesnt deserve 95% of the credit πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ we are simply jus saying that jj’s sack turned the momentum, had he not got that sack they would have kept the momentum for a while longer and then a comeback would be too late πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ

    Ike Rob

    @Dezman Garrett Anyone can make there own narrative on here, which is what RC Knight did. He felt some type of way that the entire post no one mentioned JJ Watts sack. Well they didn’t mention all the other players that made big plays in the clutch either, and Knight didn’t say anything, what about them. No, he wants to give special attention specifically to Watt. And he feels some kind of way that they are giving it to Watson, and if this is not true Why did he bring it up to begin with if this game is a Team effort. But I get it I’m sure you guys think Brady is the Greatest player quarterback of all times too don’t you. I’m sure you can’t see the PARTICULAR type of system he plays in, right….That might be too much for you so I’ll leave it at that.

Sumting Wong

This man in the studio breaking down football plays in a hazmat suit. That sound quality is on point πŸ‘Œ

    Angel A

    He had to be careful with all that πŸ”₯ coming through the screen from Watson lol

Ivan Fonkoa

I swear he records these breakdowns with a tomato can

    Darnell Jackson


Alam Solano

β€œDeshaun has what nobody else has, CHAMPIONSHIP DNA.”

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