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I’ve been a fan since 1971. The futility of this awful franchise is really demoralizing. It’s given me Arthur Fleck’s laughing disease. The one friggin’ constant through all the years of misery is the Family Ford. It’s unimaginable that anybody could have been a worse owner than old man Willie Clay, but here comes Martha. She puts Rod Wood in as President cuz he’s a great estate planner, but he has literally ZERO football background. The guy thinks we’re playin’ rugby. Then, since ole Marth and Roddy are incompetent to find the right people themselves, they let an NFL committee send us a “SCOUT” from NE as our GM. Not a former GM, not a former Assistant GM, not a Director of Player Personnel, — A FRIGGIN SCOUT. Why? Cuz he’s cheap. And, since he came from NE, ole Marth and Roddy felt the fan base would be pleased and buy tickets. Our Scout GM blows every draft pick he’s made with the lone exception of Golladay. He lets Pro Bowlers go and signs high priced bust free agents to replace them. He hires another incompetent crony from NE touted as a defensive guru as HC. Said guru proceeds to drive a solid defensive unit built by Teryl Austin down to 31st in the league in two years. Undlin has been hired as DC cuz Fatty P. knows he will do whatever he tells him to do. Our 2020 defense will become the all time model for defensive ineptitude. The Anti ’85 Bears, if you will. We are about to go 0-16 for the second time. Stafford might have been able to pull out 2-3 wins for us next year, but since our Scout GM is gonna let half our O-Line walk, his back will be broken by the third quarter in Week 1. At least we’ll be able to one up the Cleveland fan while drinkin’ and comiseratin’. GO LIONS!!!

James Irvin

The LSU Defense had some great players to look at. I hope they scouted that game.

Joel Alston

I am not sure that defensive coordinator position makes sense I’m hoping it works out I don’t see it.

    Thunder/Michigan/Lions fan

    Makes more sense than you think tbh. Getting a experienced DB coach thats better when his teams play man his huge for us since he was part of Denvers top man cover heavy defense after fox was gone and is experienced in our DB heavy scheme being a NE guy way back when they won one of their titles, and is beloved by the players he coaches. Quite honestly i prefered going for Jerod Mayo(to help Jarrad and Tavai take that next step) or Belichicks son


One of the things I liked about the Cory Undlin even though he wasn’t on my radar originally was the fact that he specializes in coaching the secondary and since we run a man defense this will help a lot. The team will need to get more takeaways for sure some ballhawks like the Eagles and Seahawks defenses all did in the past 5-10 years. I can’t see him being worse than Paul Pasquoaloni so I’ll take him and I think we improve quite a bit next year and I don’t just mean 6-7 wins I think they’ll be in the playoff hunt the last few weeks of the season. Who they draft will be very important as well. For Special Teams real quick we needed an upgrade there as well with Coombs we gotta do better on special teams next season.

Marcus Williams

He won’t even call plays, what’s the point

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