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Breaking Down the Buffalo Bills’ Season Finale as they head to Playoffs

Maddy Glab and Fred Jackson hosted Bills Tonight after the Buffalo Bills lost to the New York Jets in Week 17. Get inside the locker room, watch postgame reactions from HC Sean McDermott, QB Josh Allen, and more. Presented by ECMC.

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Zentraedi Forces

Tejanos considérense muertos 😵 💀

William Speyer

And another

iONLYrobWHITE DrugDealers

Will lose in the first round🤣🤣🤣🤮🤮🤮🤮

    Richard Ramirez

    Oh look, its the return of the crackhead of section 8.


    She is a crack head thinking she is a diva

    Random Studios


    Jarro Harris

    @Richard Ramirez lol

Paul Van Dusen

Josh sporting a Buffalo Braves jersey & a Buffalo Bandits cap. Wow!!


Fans who attended the Jet game should demand their money back and the coaches should be suspended for the crap they put on the field

Stiles Johnson

Josh can’t play timid on Saturday. Let’s go Bills. Just got my playoff hat 🧢 can’t wait to rock it Saturday.


Lets go buffalo i relly think if we play hard and the game is called Fair we will win and then we’ll move on to beat the Patriots let’s go Buffalo


They need to use this guy more he has strength and he’s tall and he got over a hundred yards

DP Urlacher

As much as I love Barkley, he needs to look where he throws. I was at the game and it seemed like he was just throwing to zones and not an actually wr

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