Breaking Down the Big Plays from the Win in D.C. | Eagles All-22 Review – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Justin Smith

I love your breakdown videos


Missed a play


That TD throw to miles in the corner is as good as an NFL throw gets, just saying

wil brander

They better be prepared when Cowboys take 86 away.

Daniel Timbs

I noticed it live during the game and seeing this replay reminded me but was anyone else surprised we didnt get a holding penalty on miles’ sweep touchdown run? JJAW ONCE AGAIN was holding. And ONCE AGAIN it was unnecessary. He should have been flagged on that play. The dude needs to be coached better

John Taggart

That’s my QB

Justin Goldberg

Go Birds


Whiteside is garbage… rather Perkins and ward on the outside and use Scott and sanders in the backfield at the same time… both can catch and gotta respect the run… will open up our only good receivers in our tight ends

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