Breaking Down Patriots Training Camp | A Competitive Padded Practice: Training Camp Today 8/24 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Breaking Down Patriots Training Camp | A Competitive Padded Practice: Training Camp Today 8/24

In this episode of Training Camp Today, Megan O’Brien reports as the team ramps up the intensity for a competitive padded practice; highlights include Jermaine Eluemunor, N'Keal Harry, the rookie linebackers & more.

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memebomber Reply

Hell ya

Earlando Roberts Reply


Serge Beauchesne Reply

bad production. if you are going to talk about kickers show us some kick, basic prod.

    Big Sign Reply

    why you butthurt?

Rafeman Rafemane Reply

I love keenest additude whatever they ask me to do I’ll do love that

    Pumitri II Reply

    Safe to say we got 2 solid, reliable TEs

Serge Beauchesne Reply

the buccaneers break down is better 🙂

    Pratik Dave Reply

    Don’t say it out loud…Bucs might just break down for real 🙂

    Valentine Corpuz Reply

    Bucs sucks!

rxibot Reply

No talk about cam getting chippy with the defense?

    Mark Jackson Reply

    What do you mean?

Lawrence Hackett Reply

DaltonKeene, the second i saw him drafted, i said he’ll be our next Edelman gronk Brady esq player. Dude is going to thrive in the do your job environment. Kid just looks like a hard worker

    Pumitri II Reply

    I think Asiasi will be better but we shall see

    Natasha cutie pie Reply

    I agree. He used to be a QB like Edelman too so I like the comparison.

Nestor Agurrie Reply

“CoMPeTiTvE wEEk”

footballbeast 11 Reply

All my favoritet players are doing bad or not playing besides Gilmore

footballbeast 11 Reply

Only 13 comments and 175 likes come on guys

nimrodian Reply

Is Meghan here for her football expertise?

Valentine Corpuz Reply

Nkeal harry beast!

Christopher Deane Reply

Honestly man the Pats YouTube channel is slacking

    Rucster 12 Reply


    xKear YB Reply

    how they upload 1 or 2 times a day

m g Reply

Can someone tell Paul that he doesn’t need to talk to the camera? His swivel head makes me Dizzy, constantly turning from Megan back to the camera, back to Megan. He’s the Colorman, he doesn’t need to talk to the camera, that’s Megan’s job. He just needs to talk to Megan and give insights. Has this guy ever been in front of a camera before? He’s head swiveling makes him look like a nervous rookie and its super annoying. The only time he needs to look at the camera is when Megan is talking to it and he’s on screen.

Lonzel Lowe Reply

we want cam news cheif

John Doe Reply

Nkeal harry is a physical wide receiver, Perillo? No he isnt. he is a cream puff who got bodied by manlet db’s last year

Belichicks Burner Reply

Would be cool if my favorite team li,e my comment

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