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Skaoaooakkzkk Snowpack

I want an RB but we need a CB/LB

Cheb Ornek

I want another ball hawker who is also a run stopping clone of Kevin Ross (or Albert Lewis). Without the attitude of Marcus Peters. But I would also like to see a clone of Donnie Edwards. Okay, I want a lot, I realize that, lol

2020 Chief

I’d say we should get a RB the first round, or LB Kenneth Murray in the first round. Then draft all defense later on, or trade our first round for more picks later on for defense/offense.

Hulk Butter

The finger under the nose thing is gross. Unfortunately it has flown under the radar and mainstream media still doesn’t understand what it means, so they continue to show it.

Hulk Butter

Honestly unless a CB or LB drops unexpectedly I can see the Chiefs trading out of the first round. We’ve historically found our best players in rounds 2-4, where the men are separated from the boys and GMs earn their salaries.


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Still need corners can’t trust ward still

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